#NYFW: Miss Kris’ Instaglammers To Follow

Miss Kris NYFW Instagrams To Follow

It’s here! Say hello to New York Fashion Week! If you follow any fashion blogger or designer on social media then you already knew that. Normally this time of year I’d be packing my bags and heading from LA to NYC for a week jam-packed of fashionable and fun events, but unfortunately this year I’ll be sitting out the festivities. WHAT?!?!? I KNOOOOOOW! Trust me… I’m sad. This is the first year since 2009 (when I was an overworked/ underpaid fashion PR assistant)  that I haven’t attended the September shows. Other work commitments have kept me here on the West Coast. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll be missing out and have devised a well thought out list of Instaglammers to follow during #NYFW in order to ease our fears of missing out (FOMO). Below is a list to heavy hitters that are sure to have the Fashion Week scoop. Follow them for a good time!

The Official / @MBFashionWeek

The NYC Fashion Insider / @TheCut

The Stylist / @JuneAmbrose

The Model / @CocoRocha

The Buyers / @Bergdorfs

The Editor / @EvaChen212

The Blogger / @WendysLookbook

The Nails / @EssiePolish

The Beauty / @IntoTheGloss

A Hot Pop Of Color

Miss Kris EliquoiiHere we are post Labor Day weekend and one step closer to Fall. Even though it’s still fairly warm here in LA (read: SOOOOO HOT!), the wardrobe transition has begun. I’m getting excited for Fall and all the new pieces available from our favorite designers and brands. The second I laid eyes on this black and white flouncy shirt from Eloquii i just knew it would be one of my Fall favorites. It’s so Miss Kris, right?! Look at that ruffle! I love the black and white trend, but to add a pop of color I pair the skirt with these hot pink Jeffrey Campbell I purchased from Crossroads Trading. Gotta love a good find! Is anyone else as excited for the wardrobe transition as I am?!

Miss Kris Eloquii 2Miss Kris Eloquii 3Miss Kris Eloquii 4Miss Kris Eloquii 5skirt | shirt | shoes (similar) | earrings (similar)

VIDEO: Stackable Glassware DIY

Miss Kris DIY Glassware Cake Stand I love glassware!! I’m always on the hunt for new pieces. I find them at the kitchen supply stores, the dollar stores and even love finding vintage glass pieces at the flea markets or thrift stores. That rosy colored glass (depression glass as they call it) is always a unique find. I life alone so obviously there’s not need for me to be collecting all this glassware. Thankfully I’m crafty and can create anything with a little E6000.

You can transform glassware some pretty cool decor pieces bu just using a little glue to stack them into layers. A cake stand, a jewelry organizer or a pretty planter with just glass and glue. All the fun DIY details are here in this little video.



Thanks so much to the fab ladies at The Girls With Glasses Show for helping me with this project!! She more of their videos here.

Quotable: Don’t Quit

Miss Kris Dont Quit Your Day Dream 2 Pinterst Quote

Image via Pinterest 

Sometimes we all need a little inspirational pick me up …especially on a Monday. Full disclosure, this post is probably more for me than anyone else. For whatever reason last week was a beast. All my technologies were on the fritz at the same time (iPhone, iPad, iComputer, iTV, iCoffeeMachine, etc…) and collectively we as humans seemed to be dealing with so much unrest and turmoil. For me it was definitely one of those weeks of refection, laced with a healthy dose of self-doubt. Any entrepreneur knows exactly what I’m talking about. What am I doing here? Why is this not working? What more should I be doing? Blah! Blah! Blah! Sometimes those voices of doubt can be so loud, but it’s important to take a moment to reset. Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for. Nothing comes easily and there will always be moments of uncertainty, but it’s important to never give up. In my best Tim Gunn voice, “make it work!”

Keep going, y’all. Happy Monday! xo

VIDEO: DIY Bar Cart + How To Style It

Miss Kris Bar Cart DIY IKEA HackNo home is complete without the proper bar cart! The bar cart seems to have have a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. There are so many fab carts on the market, although they can be pretty pricey. Don’t ask me why, but from some reason my brain thought that a baby changing table would make the PERFECT bar cart (<- reason #4,237 I’m not yet ready for kids lol)!! Click here to watch me transform this $30 changing table from IKEA into a cart fit for a glam hostess.

I also invited my friend Kelly of Kelly Golightly over to share in some fab tips for perfectly styling your cart. Use fresh fruit and garnish to add a pop of color to your cart?!?!? Watch the video for more!

If you’re a fan, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more Miss Kris TV.

{photo and video by Jessica Castro}

Road Trippin': Tips From My Dad On Travel Safety

Miss Kris Road Trip Travel Palm Springs CaliforniaThe countdown clock to the last days of Summer has begun. NO SUMMER, NOOOOO! DON’T LEAVE US! I know as sad as it might be, there’s still time to sneak in a little Summer vacation. Short on time and cash? Consider a capping of the Summer with a mini road trip. A local trip is the best way to get in that vacation without all the extensive planning. I recently hit the road for a much needed trip to Palm Springs (watch the video here) and the drive was good for my soul.

Although I’m now in my 30’s I’m totally a Daddy’s girl and my Dad still gives me the business about road trip safety whenever I mention to him I’m driving out of town. I’ve been hearing these tips for YEARS, basically since I started driving, but his tips are handy and I thought I’d share them for those of you embarking on an upcoming trip. From my Dad to you:

1. Car Maintenance: Be sure your car is in good condition before you leave. Has had it’s oil change, are the brakes are good, is there air in the tires and do you have a full tank of gas?

2. Plan Your Route: Even though some cars have GPS systems, look at a map beforehand so you know exactly which highways you’ll be taking. Don’t travel at night in case you run into any car troubles. Let people know where you’re going, the route you’re taking and your estimated time of departure and arrival.

3. Be Prepared: So many things unexpected things can happen on the road and you should be prepared. Be sure you’re well rested before driving. Know the weather conditions so you can prepare yourself for a change in surface conditions. Be sure that your phone is fully charged and that you have all proper phone chargers with you. Carry at least $100 cash on you during your trip should you find yourself in a situation where a credit card is not accepted.

4. Stay Alert: While driving, watch the road for debris left in the street that could damage your car. Don’t rely on technology to pin point you. Be aware of your surroundings. Have your AAA card or road side assistance number handy should you run into any car trouble. Slow down when you’re driving over a hill because there’s usually a Cop waiting on the other side to give you a ticket.

5. Be safe, have fun and take lots of pictures.


Postcards from Palm Springs: Colony Palms Hotel

Miss Kris and the Colony Palms HotelI love a getaway. When the Colony Palms Hotel invited me to stay at their property, I was all to eager to pack my bags and head to Palm Springs. Palm Springs is about a quick 2 hour drive from my home in Los Angeles. I often retreat to there when I’m in need of a little break the city and some quality… vintage shopping. PS has some of the best vintage shopping around! I’d actually never stayed overnight at the Colony Palms Hotel before, but I’d been to the property many times to sip cocktails by their lavish pool. I was excited to get the full guest experience at this historic hotel.

The Colony Palms Hotel has been around for years. It originally opened it’s doors in 1936 and was owned by a reputed mobster and member of The Purple Gang (<- I know The Purple Gang was a group of dangerous mobsters, but I imagine them to be very fashionable and color coordinated). Many guest were attracted to the hotel’s sunshine, refreshing pool and yummy cuisine but the hotel also served as a secret speakeasy and brothel for the owner, his fellow gang members and gambling buddies. Over the years, the hotel has played host to a number of Hollywood’s elite including Sinatra.  As you can imagine I thrilled to pay the hotel a visit and live in those old Hollywood memories if only for an evening.

If you’re making a trip to Palm Springs in the future might I suggest an overnight visit to the Colony Palms Hotel. You’ll have a wonderful time! Click here for more info about the hotel.

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 1Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 2

shirt | shorts | bag embellished studs are a Miss Kris DIY (here) | sunnies

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 3Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 4sunnies | dress | sandals

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 5The newly renovated Purple Palm. I could eat here for the rest of my life!

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 6Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 7Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 8Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 9Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 10

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 11sunnies | necklace

Miss Kris and The Colony Palms 12White dress my Monif C. (available here in orange)

Photography by Sylvia G.

Images 6, 10 and 11 via the Colony Palms Hotel

and don’t forget to watch the video…


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