#DIY: Hashtag T-shirt DIY + Crossroads Camp 2014

Hashtag this and hashtag that! There’s that joke floating around the internet about how social media has taking over or lives so much so that some of us speak in hashtags in our daily vernacular -> watch! I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of this in the pass. So obviously when Crossroads Trading invited myself and a few other blogger affiliated with their Style Council to speak on a panel about blogging and lead their managers retreat in a few DIYs, I thought these social media hashtag tees would be a perfect project! #Brilliant #iKnow #DIYGenius #Humility #LOL

This project is pretty simple after you get over the fear of working with iron on transfer paper. The printing instructions can be complicated so my recommendation is to pick the transfer paper that has the instructions clearly printed on the box. You’ll have to print your image in reverse, so just make sure they spell it out for you clearly on the box so that there’s no confusion! You can purchase transfer paper at your local craft and hobby store. Once you have your paper, follow the instructions to print out your favorite hashtag and then iron it on your shirt. Some of my faves: #nofilter, #ootd, #fashionblogger or your can custom create your own hashtag for your event: #CrossRoadsCamp2014, #KristenAndDrakeGetMarried

Miss Kris DIY Hashtag T-shirtWe all had such a wonderful time at Crossroads Camp. As long as I’ve lived in California, I’d never been up North to wine country. It’s simply breathtaking. I’ll have to make plans to visit again real soon. In other news, I can mark “road trip” off my Summer to-do list!!! Below are a few instapics from our trip up to Sonoma.

Crossroads Camp 2014 Miss Kris Crossroads Style Council Road TripImages via @BJonesStyle, @FabLeahAshley, @FabMaryDarling, @ClothesHorseNYC, @GrasieMercedes

VIDEO: {INSPIRED No.2} Confetti Shower

Miss Kris Confetti Shower DIY How To INSPIRED.Confetti shower!!!!! When life hands you paper (…and a hole punch) you make confetti!!! Sorry for all theΒ exclamation points, but latest installment of INSPIRED by Miss Kris just plain makes me happy. Click here for a little colorful confetti inspiration.

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Happy Monday xo

INSPIRED by Miss Kris: A New Video Series

I’m so excited to share a new video series with you today. Introducing… INSPIRED by Miss Kris! Not your typical DIY video, but a collection quick tips and easy ideas to help live life glamorously. Today we’re thinking outside the vase. If you’re looking for a creative way to display your flowers try turning ordinary objects like trophies, ice buckets, empty perfume bottles into vases… just add water and fresh cut flowers. I personaly love fresh cut flowers around my home. They keep me inspired!! I recently picked up a trophy from Goodwill for $3 and I love accessorizing it with fresh cut florals. It’s also a conversation starter when people come to visit. What object do you have around your home that you think would make a good vase for an arrangement?

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#MissKrisLovesLA: The Santa Monica Pier

Miss Kris Loves LA The Santa Monica Pier 1 -1A few weeks ago I made a list of all the tourist like things I wanted to do in LA over the Summer. I’ve live here for over 9 years and rarely take in all the exciting things this city has to offer. Number 9 on my list was to make a visit to the Santa Monica Pier… I can now scratch number 9 off my list! I made my way to Santa Monica and spent the evening riding rides, playing games, eating funnel cake and watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I hopped on the Farris Wheel right as the sun was setting and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was. I was capturing first hand the final moments of the day… lights out LA. It was breathtaking!

It’s been awhile since I’d made a visit to the pier. If you’re making a trip out to LA make sure you stop by. Here are my suggestions: The Farris Wheel at sunset, eat funnel cake, ride the roller coaster (sit in the front seat). If you’re a local like me, you have to make a trip for the free yoga classes and concerts on the beach!! All the details about the pier and pier related activities here.

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 2

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 3

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 4Maxi dress + kicks from Target | Sunnies from TOMS | Similar purse available here

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 5

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 6

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 7Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 8

Miss Kris Loves LA Santa Monica Pier 9Photos by Sylvia Gunde

VIDEO: DIY Pom Pom Poncho

Words cannot express how badly you need one of these pom pom ponchos for the Summer!!!!Β  Seriously, it’s chic Summer loungewear at it’s finest. This 1 minute 40 second video tell your everything you need to know to create you own. Watch, click the like button if you’re into it and don’t forget to subscribe to the Miss Kris YouTube channel. There are more sizzling Summer videos coming your way. Enjoy! xo

Miss Kris DIY Pom Pom PonchoPhoto by Sylvia Gunde

How To: Tassel

Lately there have been so many fab tasseled accessories that have caught my eye. I’ve seen tasseled necklaces and earrings that I want to make. As well as tasseled wrap sandals that are now on my to-do list. Tassels are pretty easy to find and rather inexpensive, but I’ve been having a really difficult time finding the perfect colored tassels. #annoyed This weekend I was over the hunt and decided I would just pick up my own thread and make my own tassels. I created a little infograph for those of you in the same boat. Sometimes making your own tassels is just easier. It might take a little more time, but you can personalize them to the specific color and length that you need for your project. I also like to add a little gold wire wrap to my DIY tassels to really make them special. Enjoy and feel free to share with anyone you think might also enjoy! xo

Miss Kris How To  Tassel DIY

#MissKrisLovesLA: My Summer 2014 To-Do List

Miss Kris Summer Things To Do List 2014This weekend is Memorial Weekend here in the US. A time we take to honor and thank those who have served in our Armed Forces. This weekend also marks the official, unofficial start to Summer. Every year around this time I talking this big talk about how “epic” my summer is going to be.Β  Summer is short so live it up! During the recent LA heat wave and while on a random mid-week trip to the beach with friends, I realized I don’t really partake in all the fab things LA, the city in which I live, has to offer. It was then that I created a local adventures I planned to tackle over the next few months. It’s been 9 years since I’ve packed up my car and moved to LA and still I’ve NEVER been to the Griffith Observatory, NEVER hiked to the Hollywood sign and NEVER been to Catalina Island. Girl, I know… then why live here, right?!?!?!

Well all that’s changing because I plan on being a tourist in my own city. So excited!!! I’m really going to be soaking up the SoCal fun. I often get of email from you all planning trips to LA asking where to go and what to see. Hopefully this Summer series will be helpful to those planning a trip. And if you’re not coming out west anytime soon, I hope you just enjoy the pretty picture.


Miss Kris Summer to do list LIST 2Miss Kris Summer 2014 to do list 1

Miss Kris Summer 2014 to do list 2

Miss Kris Summer 2014 to do list 3Swimsuit by Liz Claiborne available at JCPenney

Photos by Sylvia Gunde


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