Miss Kris JCPenney Halloween DIYSo I have to admit that I’m sort of a minimalist when it comes to Halloween costumes. I don’t get all dressed up and I don’t really go all out. Last year I was an “Instaglam” selfie (here) and the year before I was a glizty skeleton (here). But this year when JCPenney‘s approached me about creating a costume out of a pair of sheets I knew I had to accept the challenge.

A flat sheet is like a precut, pre-sewn yard or two of fabric. Did I want to be Celopatra? Or maybe I wanted to be a Greek Goddess? Nope! I wanted to be a mummy! I was obsessed with Jessica Simpsons Mommy Mummy costume from a few years ago and I wanted to try my hand at creating my own version.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 1Keeping with the minimalist theme of Miss Kris Halloween Costumes, the only materials you’ll need for this project are an old flat sheet and a pair of scissors. You may also need a few safety pins just to help keep your costume in place.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 3First, create your cloth strips by laying your sheet flat and create a few slits in the end of your sheet about 4 inches apart.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 2Use your hands to tear your sheet at the slits. It’s just that easy! Using your hands to tear the sheets helps create frayed edges.

DIY TIP: If your sheets are bright white, soak your strips in a tea bath to give them that aged look. To creat your tea bath, simple add a few tea bags to a gallon or two of water. Drop in your cloth strips and let them soak for 10 – 20 mins. Remove them from the bath, ring our the extra tea and allow them time to dry.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 4Now it’s time to start wrapping. This is really a two person job so ask a buddy or your boo to help! Start by tying a knot around a limb (leg, arm or waist) to anchor. Then start wrapping!

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 5 Knot the two cloth strips together as you continue to wrap your body so that they’re all connected. There’s really no “correct” way to wrap. It’s really up to your creative genius.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 6After Sylvia (my photog friend + buddy) spent precious time wrapping my legs, I decided that my mummy need to be in a dress… obviously! To create the dress we simply cut off the strips that were wrapped around my legs and pinned them to my Spanx. Ahhh the ingenuity!

Much love to my neighbor who said I looked like I just had a full body and face lift. lol Oh the things people think when you live in Hollywood.

Miss Kris JCPenney  Halloween Costume DIY 7

and now for the best part…


JCPenney has been a great partner for this project. You guys already know that I love to make a trip to the store to thumb through the clothing racks, but while I’m there I also make sure I spot by their home department. They have fabulous collection with designers link Jonathan Adler and Liz Clairborne. Today they’re giving away a coverlet and a sheet set  from Royal Velvet. YEA!!!! I’m so excited about this giveaway because let em tell y’all these sheet are yummy. I have a pair myself and I just adore them. The only downside is that it makes getting out of bed in time for work almost impossible. Entering is easy…

Simply leave a comment below completing the following statement:

Thanks JCP! I’d use a flat sheet to create a __________ costume for Halloween.

Leave that comment  finishing that statement and you’re entered! The contest ends Friday October 24th at 7pm pst when one lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive the bedding collection.

And the winner is…

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.19.48 AM

Thanks to all who entered!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Miss Kris JCP

Miss Kris JCP 2Photos by Sylvia G

Post Sponsored by JCPenney

Thrifted Genius: A Miss Kris + Darling Magazine Series

PhotoGenius?!?! Who me?!?! lol Well I guess so… according to Darling Magazine anyway. I’m so excited to team up with them on a really fab new DIY series. A combination of two of my favorites things in life… thrifting + crafting (throw in a cocktail and I’m in heaven). Once and month through the end of the year I’ll be showing the Darling Magazine readers how to easily transform an inexpensive item you thrifted from the thrift store into your new favorite decor piece.

My latest project was turning a vintage glass decanter into a uber chic lamp. Seriously this project too all of 5 mins to complete and is so elegant looking. Click here to see just how I did it. Stay tuned to Darling Magazine for all the Thrifted Genius projects. A few weeks ago I made a fab succulent garden out of an old frame (here). Fun stuff!

VIDEO: Miss Kris’ Guide To Surviving A Bad Hair Day

Miss Kris Bad Hair Day Awwwwwww the joys of waking up late and not being able to do anything with your hair. Do boys have this problem or is a joy only reserved for us ladies?! Turn those bad hair days into the best hair day with a top knot and an oversized bow. This look is my go-to for those days my hair is just not willing to work with me.

Creating an solution to your bad hair day is easy. Click here to see how to create a no sew, no glue oversized bow in just a few seconds.

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Glitterati Soical Club: The After Party + Giveaway

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LALast week I hosted the most glamorous, the most festive, the most fabulous craft night in AMERICA! Ok so that’s a little exaggerated, but needless to say I had a fantastic night.  I joined forces with the Glitterati Social Club for a night of cocktails and crafts at the Atelier at Maker City LA in Downtown, Los Angeles ’cause sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

So many of you fabulous Miss Kris readers showed up and it was wonderful to meet you all. We hand painted necklaces provided by JustFab, sipped mocktails, dance, got our nails did and just overall had a really good time. Thanks so all who came and I hope to see the rest of you at the next one.

Be sure to follow the Glitterati Social Club on Instagram (here) for the latest updates.

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 2

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 3

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 4 Thanks so much to Kasey Jones, Ink. for providing this AMAZING backdrop for the Instaglam station. Many a selfies and usies were taken  throughout the night

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 5

Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 6Glitterati Social Club October Miss Kris Maker City LA 780’s sequins from Shareen’s Vintage

To celebrate such a fabulous evening, I’d love to giveaway an “After Party” kit to one lucky winner of DIY materials from the party! Join the fun! Follow the instructions below for your chance to enter to win a Glitterati Social Club “After Party” DIY Kit including: A necklace from JustFab, acrylic paint and Essie nail polishes…. it’s like a party in a box!  

First, follow the Glitterati Social Club on Instagram… here.

Then, post “Glitterati Social Club” the comment section below.

Contest ends Friday October 10, 2014 at 9pm pst when one winner will be selected at random from the comment section to receive the “After Party” kit.

Good luck!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.33.00 AM

VIDEO: DIY Lucite End Table

This project has been on my DIY to do list for MONTHS! The materials have just been sitting in a corner collecting dust, but I’m so excited I finally got a free moment to create this luxurious lucite end table. I’m obsessed with these acrylic frames you can do almost anything with them… end tables, purses, etc. I’ve been eying a lucite table from One King Lane for months, but just can’t afford it. What do you guys think of this faux lux alternative?!

VIDEO: Everybody Get Your TASSEL ON!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.32.44 PMI cannot even begin to explain how much fun I have creating project with the two fab ladies form A Fab Life, Leah and Mary. Since it’s officially Fall and tassels are to this season what pom poms are to Summer, we figure we’d give you a double dose of tassel inspiration in a fun video collab. Click here to see how to make them and for a little fashion inspiration. Then, click here to see how to work them into your home decor.

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VIDEO: DIY Faux Fur Cape

Miss Kris DIY Faux Fur CapeWe are all going to be so ready for Fall. This DIY faux fur cape is a MUST. I mean there’s really no other way to describe it. Click here to see exactly how I made it. Just think about this over those jeans or wearing it for a night out on the town. Yes! Yes! Yes! The hardest part of this project for me was finding the perfect fabric (I picked this up at Mood Fabrics), it’s just that simple to create this ultra chic look!

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