#MissKrisApproved: The Seychelles Sandal

Miss Kris SeyshellesThe biggest fashion debate of the Summer has got to be the return of the Birkenstock style sandal. Every site from the Man Repeller to Refinery 29 has made a statement about the them. Even the editors at Vogue have joined the convo calling the trend “Pretty Ugly” …pretty ugly, you see what they did there?! OH NO!!!! Not the return of the ‘stock?!?!? This is all taking me back to 7th grade when my Mom REFUSED to purchase a pair for me. A few months earlier I’d just conned her into getting me a new pair of Cole Haan loafers so as far as she was concerned… my feet were already covered! You know how it is when you want something so bad, but don’t have the means to get this!? All of a sudden they’d become the ugliest shoes ever created and I wasn’t sure why anyone would wear them. Oh the shade!!

All those old feeling came back when I saw them featured in the pages of Vogue this year and obviously I was hesitant to accept their return until I came upon these leopard beauties from Seychelles. Hmmmm they don’t look like the ones I remember from Middle School being leopard and all?!? I’m intrigued. I don’t have anything like this in my closet so I just had to give them a try. Needless to say they have become my new go-to casual Summer sandal. As Jenna Lyons states, leopard is a neutral and I’ve been wearing these with everything.

What do you guys think of the return of this trend? Do you remember with the ‘stocks were popular many years ago or am I dating myself here?!? Share in the comment section below. And if you’re interested click here to purchase these cuties. They’re on sale and available in different colors including metallic!

Spotted: DIY Leopard Print Keds Slip-Ons

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin OnsAs we transition from sweater weather to slip-on season, I thought now would be the perfect time to customize a pair of plain white sneakers. A pair of basic shoes is like a blank canvas. Use your imagination to create your very own personalized pair of Spring slip-ons. Obviously, I needed a leopard print pair…

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons  DETAIL

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons MATERIALSMaterials: Canvas Keds (available at JCPenney) + markers, one gold (here) and one black (here)

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons GOLDUse the gold marker to create dots on your canvas slip on

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons BLACKUse the black fabric marker to outline the dots. In order to achieve the leopard print, be sure not to connect the the outline.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons FULLFill in your spots as needed.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons JUMP

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons TIERAD t-shirt by Express | Flannel by Ralph Lauren | Shorts by Torrid* | Shoes by Keds

*The shorts actually use to be a pair of jeans. I cut off the legs to make them shorts and used a sheet of sand paper to distress them.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons SMILESPhotos by Sylvia G

Twinkle Toes: DIY Glitter Cap Toe Pump

Miss Kris DIY Glitter Pumps Sole Society Glitter N Glue COVER FULLObviously adding glitter to a pair of pumps is one of my favorite DIYs of all times!!! It’s been awhile since I glammed up a pair of my pumps, but when I laid my eyes these Audra pumps from Sole Society I new I had to give them a glitzy makeover. I just loved the way they turned out. Now I can officially dance my way into, what I’m sure is going to be, a sparkling new year!

Miss Kris DIY Glitter Pumps Sole Society Glitter N Glue MATERIALSMaterials: a fab pair of pumps, glitter, tacky glue, a brush

Miss Kris DIY Glitter Pumps Sole Society Glitter N Glue GLUEApply a healthy and even amount of glue to the area you wish to cover, then sprinkle on the glitter. Allow at least an hour for your glitz shoes to dry before you wear them. This project never gets old!

Miss Kris DIY Glitter Pumps Sole Society Glitter N Glue GLITTERMiss Kris Never Miss A Chance To Dance Glitter N Glue 1You can see my entire collection of DIY glitter shoes here, here here and here. <- I know it seems like a lot but my soul is telling me I need more!!! More glitter shoes in 20-14!

Photos by Kristen

Sky High: DIY Over The Knee Boots

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY 2 Over the knee boots are the hottest Fall shoe trend. There are so many wonderful pairs out there, but here’s a easy way to transform  your favorite pair of booties  into a fab pair of boots.  Who doesn’t love a little wardrobe versatility?

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY  MATERIALSMATERIALS: Faux Seude/ Leather Fabric, Scissors, Fabric Glue, Needle + Thread

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY  SKETCHEssentially what we’re making is a fancy pair of leg warmers. I know… leg warmers!!!! Purchase a yard of faux leather or faux suede. Do your best to match the fabric of the boots you’re trying to transform. Then, cut your fabric into two piece. The width should be the distance around your calf PLUS one inch (the extra inch will become your seam. 17 inches in my case) and the length should be the distance from your heel to over your knee (21 inches in my case). Add a healthy amount of glue to your one inch seam allowance and fold the other side over to meet it. Allow some time to dry and add a free hand stitch to secure.

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY JUST FAB BOOTIEMy FAVORITE Fall booties. Seriously, I’m wearing a hole in them. And of course I’m about to get even more mileage out of them now that I can convert them to over the knee boots!

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY  DETAILSweater from H&M (similar available online) | Ring 1 + Ring 2 from Capwell | Ring 3 + 4 (similar)

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY DTLAThe magic that is Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

GNG Over The Knee Boot DIY BEAUTY SHOTPhotos by the fab Sylvia G

Foiled Again: DIY Metallic Heels Featured On

GnG1-1-1Happy November!!! Let’s celebrate with a look at my latest DIY project for Did y’all know I was a Today Show online Style contributor? Yes honey! I have lots of fun creating fun projects for them every few weeks. This week I’m tacking those metallic gold heels that are oh so popular. My feet are thankful for the return of the thick heels and I love the gold effect on them. It looks like metal. It’s the perfect way to dress up a basic black shoe. Click here to see how to do it yourself.

GnG1-2Crinkling the paper gives it a textured effect. Much like that Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 case I’m coveting. (Too bad it’s not time for me to upgrade yet). Click the link for more outfit pics.


Studly: DIY Studded Gladiator Sandals

Glitter N Glue Studded Alexander Wang Inspired Gladiator SandalsRecently I posted my list of Summer DIY project to complete before Fall. On my list was A Pair And A Spare‘s Alexander Wang inspired gladiator sandals. I knew I had to craft them before it’s officially boot weather. Lucky for me I live in Los Angeles and even though yesterday was the 1st official full day of Fall, we had a high of 85 degrees. Looks like I have a few more weeks to enjoy my sandals.

Click here to see the full tutorial. Thanks A Pair And A Spare for the DIY inspiration! I added the stud embellishment to make the project my own. Click here to watch the studding process.

Glitter N Glue Studded Alexander Wang Inspred Gladiator Sandals DETAIL**Twin Sweater Set by Essie on the hands and feet**

VIDEO: DIY Studded Sandals

Studded. Sandals. I’m obsessed!! Last summer I purchased a pair of white and gold studded sandals from Target and as my Grandma would say, I wore a hole in ‘em… literally. The studded sandal is the perfect summer shoe because it’s edgy yet chic and goes with almost anything. On this weeks video I show you how to transform a basic pair of sandals into a sassy studded pair.

Watch, like and enjoy!

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DIY: Strappy Sandal Fabric Wrap

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal DETAILVariety is the spice of life… or at least that’s what Grandma use to say! I do believe that a mini makeover the the perfect way to add a little variety to your shoe collection. A fabric wrap is a great way to spice up your Summer strappy sandal. I think of this project as the turban wrap for shoes.

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal Materials: Strappy Sandals (Shelia available at Sole Society), Fabric, Double Stick Tape, Scissors

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal CUTCut your fabric into a rectangular strip about 2 feet long

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal KNOTPlace your fabric around your shoe and tie it in a knot

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal WRAPWrap the fabric around the shoe

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal TAPETuck the ends of the fabric to the inside of the shoe and use double-sided tape to secure the ends. For a more permanent solution., secure the ends with glue.

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal FULLShirt: Vintage Liz Claiborne | Skirt: Express |Bag: Vintage | Shoes: Sole Society Shelia

 Glitter N Glue Wrap Sandal I wanted to play matchy-matchy so I used an old scarf that matched my shirt to wrap my shoes. The options for this project are endless! Solid fabric, printed fabric and so on and so on. It’s like back in the day when you would coordinate your hair scrunchy with your outfit…don’t act like I’m the only person that did that!

A Special Note From Kristen: I know I cut up a circa ’86 Liz Claiborne scarf, but don’t worry this is the most action this scarf has seen in years! I salvaged the shirt/scarf combo from my Mom’s closet years ago and have NEVER worn either of them. Thank goodness for project because now the ’86 LC is finally getting some attention! You however do not have to cut up Mom’s scarf. A fun fabric will work just fine for this project.

Glitter N Glue DIY Wrap Sandal TWO

DIY Video: Glitter High Top Sneakers

Miu Miu and Jimmy Choo... I’m currently obsessing over glitter high tops sneakers. I’m also obsessing over paying my rent on time, so until I can afford to drop cash on kicks AND pay rent at the same time… this glitter sneaker DIY tutorial will have to do! Enjoy

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DIY: Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots

It rains 3 days out of the year here in sunny SoCal, but on the days it does it’s a torrential downpour and I am NEVER prepared! I can never find my umbrella or suitable wet weather footwear. And of course on those rainy days I usually have a laundry list of errands and spend the day running around the city looking like a wet dog. #NotCute I promised myself I’d be prepared for this season. Custom rainboots are a must and Krylon’s gold leaf paint pen makes this project delightfully easy!

NOTE: Click here for the “Hey Girl Hey” doormat DIY tutorial

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots BOOTSMaterials:  Rainboots (these available at Payless for $29.99)  and…

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots PENKrylon’s 18kt. Gold Leafing Pen (<- This pen is AMAZING!! You MUST add it to your craft stash.)

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots DRAWUse your gold leafing pen to personalize the design on your boots. You can draw polka dots or hearts or a coll tribal print. The design is completely up to you. I chose to create my own leopard print pattern…obviously.

If you a leopard print design is your thing than you can easily create it by drawing “C” and “I” shapes. Go over your shapes with a zig zag stroke to create the furry texture.

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots DETAILSGotta love personalized rainboots!

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots OUTFITStyle Notes: Jacket from H&M | Dress  from Target | Umbrella…ella…ella from Target

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots RAIN

Glitter N Glue DIY Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots MARY POPPINS SWAG#MaryPoppinsSwag

DIY: Miu Miu Inspired Crystal Flats for The Zoe Report

Glitter N Glue on the Zoe Report Glitter N Glue DIY Miu Miu Inspired Swarovski  Crystal FlatSay hello to my favorite DIY project of 2013! Yes, I realize it’s only the 3rd week of the new year but these Miu Miu inspired crystal flats are just to fabulous for words. Who doesn’t love a good shoe makeover? Well Rachel Zoe does because today my dazzling Sole Society flats were featured on The Zoe Report. What a treat! Click here to see the full tutorial.

Glitter N Glue DIY Miu Miu Inspired Swarovski  Crystal Flat DETAIL

Glitter N Glue DIY Miu Miu Inspired Swarovski  Crystal Flat FULL

DIY: Glitter Sole Boots + Sole Society DISCOUNT CODE

It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve brought out the glitter which can mean only one thing… it’s GLITTER BOMB time!!!!

Boot season is in full swing so you can imagine my excitement when a pair from one of my favorite online shoe site, Sole Society showed up at my door!!! Last season I took my pair of Sole Society booties and went all electric pink a la Nicki Minaj (click here to see). This season I thought it was necessary to give my Lyssa boots a full glitz make over just in time for the Holidays.

Materials: Boots (available here), Glitter, Glue, Paint Brush


DIY: Embellished Ankle Straps… Part 2

Do you guys remember my DIY embellished ankle straps project part 1 (here)? I love a good ankle strap makeover.  Sometimes a DIY quickie can make a huge difference. I wanted to add a little glam to my Chinese Laundry Zsa Zsa pumps so I swapped the ankle straps out for bracelets. Say what?!?!?!?! I know… who says bracelets just have to be worn around your wrist?

Here I am striking a pose in my embellished pumps on Lee Circle in New Orleans. WERK!!!!

These Chinese Laundry Zsa Zsa ankle straps are on sale (here)!!!!

Bracelets with lobster claw clasp work best. I picked up these at H&M for $6. If the bracelets are too small to fit comfortably around your ankle, use a few jump rings as extenders to give yourself a little more wiggle room.

More photos of my trip to New Orleans after then break…


DIY: Bullion Crest Tuxedo Flats

The change in weather means my toes are going into hibernation. That’s right no more pedicures for the next 6 months! It’s time to put away those embellished sandals and pull out those fancy flats. I’m a lover of crested flats. Something about them makes me feel regal. It’s like I’m a member of the royal family just because I’m walking around wearing a pair of flats with my “family crest” on them. Anywho, I’m  currently obsessing over a pair of YSL embroidered flats, but since I don’t have YSL kinda money I had to give my $20 pair of Target flats a serious make over. Now I obsess over my DIYed Target tuxedo flats! I hope you enjoy the how-to video for this super easy, super chic project. Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you’re a fan!!

To purchase buillon patches online try here, here or here!


DIY: Gladiator Wrap Sandals

Today DIY is a little special. I’m actually revisiting one of my first Glitter ‘N Glue post ever. In 2010 I transformed a pair of flip flops into a pair of tribal inspired gladiator sandals using ribbon. Wrap sandals are again very popular this Summer so I decided to take an old project and elaborate just a little. These new and improved wrap sandals are the perfect accessory for my upcoming vacation.

Materials: Flip Flops, Lightweight Oblong Summer Scarf, Scissors


Happy Hour: DIY Rhinestone Encrusted Pumps

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY! Let’s start the weekend of with a fresh new pair of pumps. Whoop! Whoop!

Materials: Heels (I picked these up from JCPenny’s for $16), Rhinestone Cupchain, Glue

Using a pair of scissors or nippers, cut the rhinestones into individual pieces.

Use glue to apply the stones to your shoe. If you (like me) are working with a pair of long fingernails, use a pair of plyers to pick up the rhinestone.

These are the perfect “hell yea it’s the weekend” shoe!

It’s always better when you share the joys of DIYing with a friend. Blogger Shauna Miller of Penny Chic stopped by the Glitter ‘N Glue studio for a little crafting fun! We talked about her blog and her favorite Summer trends all while blinging out our shoes. We are quite the multitaskers. We also talked about why you always find the best outfits when you raid your Mom’s closet. If you missed this weeks #GNGLivestream be sure to watch the video.

Shauna drew inspired from Carrie’s ‘Sex and the City’ Manolo and embellished her blue stilettos with rhinestone earrings and buttons. So chic! Check out Shaun’s blog Penny Chic for all things cheap and chic. Thanks for hanging out, Shauna! xo

DIY: Glitter Sandals for Craft Wars!!!

1…2..3..4… I declare a CRAFT WAR! l Those of you who follow me on le Instagram got a sneak peek of my new DIY glittery summer sandals last weekend. It was getting too hot to wear my glitter flats so I had to update the look for the warmer weather. This week those same glitter sandals engaged in a very heated craft war on

Click here to view the entire glittery step by step tutorial. And be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and vote for the the glitter sandals by Glitter ‘N Glue.

DIY: Dolce and Gabbana Inspired Jeweled Jelly Sandals

{Images via Elle }

This week I have to the opportunity to participate in DIY Fashion Week with a few other fashionably crafty bloggers. Pulling inspiration from Spring/ Summer 2012 runway collections, we will be sharing creative DIY projects on our perspective blogs throughout the week. I am absolutely, head over heels totally in love with the Dolce and Gabbana Spring RTW 2012 collection. There are SO many DIY inspirations that can be taken from that collection, but the second I saw the jeweled jellies I knew I’d be making myself a pair for the summer. With a little help from my CL by Laundry gladiators I was able to make all my jeweled jelly fantasies come true.

Materials: CL by Laundry Jelly Gladiators (purchase here – only $30), Jeweled Stretchy Bracelets, Glue

Use scissors to snip the elastic and remove the jewels from the bracelet.

Use a strong hold glue (my obvious fave being E6000) to apply jewels to the desired location.

Seriously I was having so much fun! I haven’t been on a swing in years…


Dress: Alice + Olivia, Bracelet: Vintage from my Grandma’s Jewelry Box, Shoes: CL by Laundry

Be sure to check out my other blogger buddies throughout the week as they post projects inspired from their favorite collections.

(Thurs: Feed Your Style, Fri: Matter Of Style , Sat: Chic Steals, Sun: Chic Cheat, Mon: Inspiration & Realisation)

CelebriDIY Inspiration: Embellished Ankle Straps

Emily Blunt in Gianvito Rossi, Hayden Panettiere in Jimmy Choo, Cassie in Cavalli

So I’ve noticed how celebrities have been opting for minimal traditional jewelry (ie: earrings, necklaces, etc…) and choosing to accessorise their… ankles! That’s right the ankles are making big come back on red carpets all across the world. As if that sexy ankle ever went out of style!

Imagine my DIY delight when I was sitting front row at Nina Ricci and I got an up close an personal look at these blinged out ankle embellished pumps (and by sitting front row I mean scanning the collection on My mind was in creative overdrive…

Although my bright blue Aldo wedges are pretty amazing as is, I thought they could use a little embellishment

I ran to my jewelry box an pulled out ever bling out brooch, button and earring I could find. I love the Nina Ricci inspired look, but don’t be afraid to add feather, bows, flowers, studs or chains to your ankle straps. There’s no material a lil E6000 can’t hold!

DIYers Tip: If you use brooches you can simply slip them over the straps. Then there’s no need for glue. You can wear your shoes with or without the embellishments. Who doesn’t love options?!?

Dress from H&M, Earrings from Kate Spade, Wedges from Aldo

DIY: Gold Toe Pumps Featured On

It’s all about the gold toe! Rihanna was recently seen sitting courtside at a LA Lakers game sportin’ her gold toe Louboutin pumps. Thanks for the inspiration RiRi! Click here to check out the steps to this easy DIY project featured on

DIY: Color Popped Collar + Glitterly Chunky Heels

{Photos Credit L to R}:, Chloe Sevigny for S MODA Magazine, Equipment, Vince Camuto

Because of the mild Winter across the US many weather ladies and gents have dubbed January 2012, Juneuary. I have to say I’m in love with the 76 and sunny and type weather we’re having in SoCal. So in honor of Juneuary, and hopefully Febune, I’m skipping anymore Wintery type DIY post and bringing on Spring a little early. Color is the most exciting thing about Spring trends. Here’s a quick and easy way to bring a little color to those boring button downs. Just to be warned there is a whole color situation going on in this post that might cause epileptic seizures. Well not really, but you’ve been warned…

Materials: Button Down Shirt, Stained by Sharpie Fabric Marker

Be as creative as you wish! Used any color fabric pen you desire. Use multiple colors. Whatever you want!

I paired my colorful button down with my pair of DIYed glitter chunky heels. I picked up the heels from Target, applied a healthy amount of Aleene’s Tacky Glue to the toe and heel then I doused it in glitter. GLITTER BOMB!!!!! Shake off the access glitter and then allow it to dry. I used painters tape to help me get such straight lines.

Have fun! xo

FaBOOlous DIY: Googly Eye Slingbacks Inspired By Christian Louboutin

I’ve never been one for getting dressed up in costumes for Halloween, but there are so many designer pieces that have me inspired to add a little faBOOlous into my Halloween wardrobe. Every Monday in the month of October I’ll be posting a new fashion DIY project inspired  the spooky season.

Photo Credit {L to R} Lady Gaga, The Blonds Fall 2011 Collection, Swell Designer, Arbol Crafts

{Materials} Slingbacks, Glue, Googly Eyes

Boo!…lots and lots of googly eyes

Use your strong hold glue to apply googly eyes to the slingback in the desired pattern


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