DIY: Embellished Sweatshirt

DIY Embellished Sweatshirt Glitter N Glue

Next week I’m heading back to Texas to spend the Holidays with my family. Everytime my Mom and I chat she asks what I’m going to pack for my trip home? What am I going to pack?!?!!? Sweats and more sweats! My plan is to spend my entire two week vacation on the couch vegging out and watching HGTV. I plan to never leave the couch, but being that it’s the Holidays, I guess I should be prepared to get glitzy for all the family festivities. So much like my metallic tudexo stripe sweatpants from Thanksgiving (which will be coming to Texas with me for Christmas), I think it’s time to add a little embellishment to my sweatshirt. Even though I’m on vacation I have to stay camera ready because there’s a 98.3% chance the random family photo we take in my Aunt’s kitchen during her dessert party will end up as the cover image for the Christmas cards my Mom sends out next year.

I was surfing the webpages of and found a little DIY inspiration (here) for this project.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  MATERIALS FULLMaterials: Sweatshirt, Earrings, Needle and Thread

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  DeconstructIf needed, use pliers or jewelry nippers to deconstruct your earrings. The bigger the earrings are the better they will appear on the sweatshirt. I purchased these earrings from Forever 21.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt LAYOUTLay out your jewelry pieces so that you know exactly where you want them to go.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  SEW

Hand stitch the earring to the sweatshirt to be sure it’s secure.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt DETAIL FULL

DIY: Jeweled Camo Jacket

Military is a big trend this season and a great way to work it into your wardrobe is to sport a camouflage jacket. Since it’s finally jacket weather here in LA, I decided it was time to add a little glam to my Army surplus jacket and debut it as part of my Fall wardrobe.

Materials: Camo Jacket (available at your local Army surplus store), Jeweled Appliques, Glue



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