DIY: Framed Fabric Inspiration Board

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration BoardDon’t get me wrong Pinterest is a good time, but my inner magazine junkie gets a real thrill from physically ripping out those glossie pages and pinning them on a real life inspiration board. I like having a board in my work space that is bright, colorful and inspires me to be creative. Obviously a regular ole cork bulletin board just won’t do! This floral fabric covered frame board is just want I needed to decorate my space. And the best part is that it doubles as wall art!

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board MATERIALSMaterials: A Frame, Fabric, Paint, Cardboard, Scissors, Stapler

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board  PAINTApply a coat of paint to touch up or change the color of your frame

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board TRACETrace the back of your frame onto cardboard and use scissors to cut out your shape

Note: I used a cardboard display board as my base. It reminded me of my 4th grade Science project!

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board  STAPLECover the cardboard with your favorite fabric, pulling it as tight as possible and stapling it to the backside

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board FRAMEDPlace the fabric covered board in the frame and hang it on the wall.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board PINSUse metallic pins to dress up your inspiration board

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board COLLAGEReal life pinning!

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fabric Inspiration Board EARRINGSEarring studs also make glamorous pins

Friday Favorites

Glitter 'N Glue Friday Favorites feat. Please More! Magazine{Jeweled Cap}

Welcome to my Friday Favorites! As new feature on the blog for 2013, I plan on ending each week by sharing a few things that I’ve favored or found inspirational throughout the week.

This weeks favorite is dedicated to all my magazine junkies…take notes. My absolute favorite fashion magazine in the entire freaking world is Please Magazine! Unfortunately, it only comes out bi-annually and can be difficult to find in the states, but thankfully Editor and fab photographerΒ Olivia da Costa (<- photog genius) is down with the internets and post great photos to their blog (here) More Please!

Olivia’s images are beautiful and brilliant. Below are just a few, but do yourself a favor and spend some time exploring the site. This is my “go-to” site for inspiration.

More Please? Yes Please! All day, everyday and twice on Friday’s! xo

Glitter 'N Glue Friday Favorites feat. Please More! Magazine{Ripped Jeans}

Glitter 'N Glue Friday Favorites feat. Please More! Magazine{Jeweled Pumps}

Glitter 'N Glue Friday Favorites feat. Please More! Magazine{Studded Clutch + Multi Chain Belt & Bracelet}

Glitter 'N Glue Friday Favorites feat. Please More! Magazine{Glitter Glasses}

All images via Olivia da Costa and Please Magazine!

Cover Girls: Inspiration For January 2013


The question I’m most commonly asked is “Where do you come up with your DIY project ideas?” Truth is I’m a magazine junkie. Nothing excites me more than flipping through the pages of a fresh fashion mag. I think I may beΒ single-handedly keeping the magazine business alive. I love Pinterest, but please tell me I’m not the only one that still loves ripping the pages out and pinning them to an actually inspiration board?!?

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite cover girls for the month of January.

{L to R} Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, VOGUE, ELLE, Glamour UK, W Magazine, InStyle, Nylon, Marie Claire UK, Uptown

Inspiration: New York Fashion Week

From L to R: Me and Geneva from A Pair And A Spare, The tents, The City, Kate Spade Spring 2013

I’m sure you noticed there wasn’t a DIY project last week. Sorry about that, but I’m in New York City for Fashion Week!!!!! I absolutely love making a visit to NYC during one of the most high holy weeks of the fashion calendar. Fashion Week is a treat for all of us really. New York is SO inspiring to me and I always bring back great fashion inspirations for projects to share with you. Stay tuned because with the inspirations I’m collecting this trip and the upcoming change in weather, I have some ah-mazing projects in the works.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled DIY program shortly but in the meantime, be sure you’re following me on Twitter (here) and Instagram (search @Glitter_N_Glue) so you can keep up with my NYC adventures. I’ve met some amazing bloggers and attended some wonderful fashion shows. Below is a little video of the Kate Spade presentation I made just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! xo

DIY Inspiraiton: Embellished Belts

Carrie Bradshaw introduced us to the chicest studded belt and we love her for it!

Pearl embellished belt inspired by Chanel. No one does it better.

Embellished rhinestone sash is a DIY do.

Ribbon and brooch embellished belt done right by Dolce and Gabbana.

DIY Inspiration: Feathers

Add feather to the shoulder strap of a purse a la Christian Louboutin

Embellish your pumps with a few plumes

Feather collars are a yes all day long! Gorg illustration via The Red Dot.

Add feather accents to the bottom of a blazer, dress or skirt. Oh the possibilities!

DIY Inspiration: Plastic Bags

Colorblock your transparent bag by adding a little paint.

Add hardware to jazz up your plastic bag

Keep it chic and add chain to your transparent bag

A plastic envelope from your office supply store transforms into an oversized transparent clutch


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