FLORALSBrocade Jacket $50| Floral Crew $16| Brocade Pant $34| Metallic Oxfords $45| Crystal Earrings $13

Because I know my glam readers love the glitter just as much as y’all do the glue, here are a few fab fashion finds under $50 just in time for Spring. I mean metallic oxfords?!?!? YES PLEASE!!!!! The floral top is Joe Fresh and I’m loving their entire collection for JCPenney’s. There is lots of fun to be had for under $50 like this… and these… oh and this. Enjoy!

Photo by Vince Trupsin the great

DIY: Faux Fur Printed Vest

So I realize it’s almost December and vest weather is long gone for some of you, but I live in sunny Southern California and it’s barely vest weather around these parts. This week I realized a printed faux fur vest was missing from my collection. Bring on the fabric, bring on the scissors, bring on the super easy DIY project…

Materials: Faux Fur Fabric, Scissors


An Afternoon With Asos

This week I was invited to spend an afternoon at Soho House Los Angeles sipping tea and taking a sneak peek at the latest from ASOS. I’m SUCH a fan. ASOS has a little something, something for everyone. Their clothes are at a great price point and they have clothes for all shapes and sizes. The designers at ASOS are also fans of the bling and embellish lots of their pieces with sequins (<-you guys know I’m loving that)!

My DIY glitter platform pumps came out of the closet and made an appearance at the preview. The sun was shining and I was feeling very bright and bold.

The Look: Vintage H&M Floral Dress (Vintage because I bought it last year), Classic Dooney and Bourke, DIY Platform Pumps (My DIY tutorial available –> here)

There were so many pieces that I wanted from ASOS for Summer. And stay tuned because their Fall collection is spectacular! Alas, since I do not yet have the Cher Horowitz closet of my dreams, I’ll have to make do with my Pinterest virtual closet. Click here to see the latest “I want” goodies from ASOS I pinned to my virtual closet board.


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