VIDEO: DIY Hanging Shoe Organizer Garden

It’s back to business as usually on my YouTube channel. Today I’m excited to share my first video of Spring. I live in an apartment here in Los Angeles and although I’d love for my garden to look like Versaille, space is limited. If you’re also dealing with a garden space issue or just looking for a creative way to add a little color to your home, then this hanging shoe organizer garden project is for you.

Watch the the video here. I hope you enjoy! I’m excited about sparing more videos soon. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

Below are a few more pics of my garden space. Yea for Spring!!!

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube 2

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube 3

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of… Fresh Flowers

Miss Kris Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 1According to my Instagram, Spring has sprung! This weekend my feed was full ofΒ gorgeous pics of fresh flowers. Tulips, roses, daisies… I love the way flowers bring life into my apartment. On Saturday mornings I like to head down to the LA Flower Market and stock up on fresh flowers. Although fresh can sometimes mean costly. So what’s a girl to do when her my bank account is looking well, how do I phrase this… skinny, hungry, BROKE (read: taxes, car registration and a multitude of other adult like bills no one warned you about #GrownUpProblems)…

Here’s a tip for getting more bang for your floral buck: Deconstruct a grocery store bouquet (this one cost me $4) and put your flowers in smaller vases/ jars to give the illusion of more, even though you’re working with less. Also pick green filler (leaves and such) from your (or your neighbors hehe) yard to add fullness to your arrangements.

Miss Kris Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 2

Miss Kris Floral Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 3

The Bold And The Beautiful: DIY Metallic Gold Glass Apothecary Jar

Miss Kris Gold Bottle and Peonies Pretty in pink. This week during my trip to the Flower Mart in downtown LA I discovered that peonies were back. I’m beyond excited!!!! They’re one of my favorites and their return symbolizes the return of Spring. Now is about the time of year I bring out all my little glass jars, give them a good cleaning and prepare to litter them around my apartment filling them with fresh flowers. Fresh flowers in delicate little glass jars are my daily “treat yo self” moment that always bring a smile to my face.

I love glass jars and their ability to be transformed by adding color.

Miss Kris DIY Glitter N Glue Spray Painted Gold Bottle Flower GLASS JARSI’m quickly becoming a crazy craft lady that collects glass jars of all shapes and sizes… and I’m ok with that! I love finding glass pieces at my local flea markets, but you can easily score these a craft store like Michael’s.

Miss Kris DIY Glitter N Glue Spray Painted Gold Bottle Flower SPRAY I love the way they look clear, but obviously they are extra fab with a little metallic paint. One coat of paint later my bottle is now a bold statement piece.

Miss Kris DIY Glitter N Glue Spray Painted Gold Bottle Flower SPRAY ChanelAdding these perfect pink peonies equal pure eleganza!!

DIY: Distressed Gold Leaf Vase

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase

It’s Academy Awards week here in LA and the city is buzzing in anticipation for the big night. The traffic on Hollywood Blvd. is a nightmare, they’ve closed down my neighborhood park so they can start setting up for Elton John’s Oscar view party and my stylist friends have gone MIAAA (Missing In Academy Awards Action). Awwwww the excitement!

With all the golden madness surrounding the Oscars I figured I’d dedicate this week to all gold everything on Glitter ‘N Glue. While we may never receive an Oscar statue in our lifetime that doesn’t mean that our shelves can’t be adorned golden goodies.Β  There are many different ways to craft the Midas touch and today we’re play with the gold leaf paper. I’ve seen these gold leafed jars and vases floating around Pinterest and I’m just obsessed. They’re so easy to make and oh so chic.

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase MATERIALSMaterials: A Vase, Gold Leafing Paper, Gold Leaf Adhesive, Gold Leaf Sealant, Paint Brush

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase GOLD LEAFING PROFESSThe gold leafing process is simple but takes a little practice. However, the great thing about the distressed look of this project is that imperfection is key. The perfect application of the leafing paper is not necessary. First, apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the areas of your vase you wish to make gold. After you’ve allowed time for your glue to set and get sticky, carefully place your gold leafing paper over your glue. Use a dry brush to remove any access paper. A bristle brush will help your obtain that distressed look. Once you’re satisfied with the way the leafing looks on your vase, apply a thin coat of sealant to set the paper. Allow time to dry before use.

Β Β  NOTE: The process is generally the same but be sure to read the instruction provided with your brand of leafing materials just to be sure you’re doing it properly.

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase FLOWERSNow it’s time to add a little color

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase ARRANGEI’m a sucker for fresh flowers. If you live in LA you have to make it downtown to the Flower Mart. You’ll have to wake up early early for the good deals but trust me it’s work the trip. If you’re not in LA or prefer to sleep in on the weekends Trader Joe’s grocery store always has wonderful deals on pretty flowers. If there’s not a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood…I’m very, very sorry. You ought to pick up the phone, call Mr. Joe and tell him he’s welcome in your neighborhood. It’s a FAB market.

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase DETAIL

Glitter N Glue DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Vase WIDEWhat I love most about this vase is that you can see the stems on the inside but yet the bottom is still decorative. Kinda like the clear phone of the 90s… or not. I plan on making a few more like this. All different shapes and sizes, but all golden. Maybe even a mason jar or two. Oh the possibilities!


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