DIY: Suede Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets + Invite For DIY Party During New Orleans Fashion Week

Is It Fall yet? Here we are October 7th and I think the weather is FINALLY starting to change here in Los Angeles. There’s something so wrong about wearing shorts in October, but when the iPhone weather app tells me it’s 94 degrees outside, it doesn’t leave me with many options. Thankfully, things seem to be cooling off which means I can  start wearing my Fall fashions.

Pulling out the Fall gear means storing away the Summer swag. Although I’m happy for the change, there are a few things I’m sad to see go. One of them being my neon rhinestone wrap bracelet. Do you guys remember that DIY project? (If not click here) Definitely one of my favorite Summer DIY projects, but I think neon is more of a Summer trend. I wanted to find a way to rework this project for Fall. So using the same technique, I decided to trade neon rope for warm colored suedes like oxblood and navy. This update was the perfect transition for Fall.

I’m so excited that I’ll be in New Orleans next weekend making these very wrap bracelets as part of New Orleans Fashion Week Retail Shopping Day!!!

I hope all of my lovely readers in the Crescent City can join me next Saturday, October 13th from 11am to 1pm at Hattie Sparks for the DIY party of a lifetime…yes, lifetime! We’ll be shopping, crafting and just having an all around good ole time. It’s going to be an amazing afternoon kicking off an amazing week of fashion and creativity in the city of New Orleans.

There’s a special place in my heart for that city. For those of you who don’t know I wen to college in New Orleans and have so many wonderful memories of my time there. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (search @Glitter_N_Glue) to keep track of all the fun!

Hattie Sparks is located at 714 Adams Street NOLA 70118. DIY is from 11a-1p while supplies last

EVENTS: Beachside DIY Party With Broke Girls Guide

This weekend I packed up my Marc Jacobs beach bag with a few DIY supplies and headed to the beach for an afternoon of sand, sun and snow cones! The ladies at the Broke Girls Guide and I teamed up with LifeCrowd for a crafternoon of rhinestone wrap bracelet making at the Annenberg Beach House. Here are a few pic for those who missed the fun…

Snow cones!!!

In my opinion, there’s was no better way to spend a Summer afternoon. I hope you’re now inspired to plan your own crafternoon. What are you waiting for? There’s plenty of time left to celebrate Summer. Call over a few friends and grab a few snacks ’cause it’s time to get crafty!

Thanks to everyone who came out to play.

In addition, check out for tons of fun events happening in your area.

EVENT: DIY Beach Party!

Hey LA let’s party! The Broke Girls and I are hosting a DIY beach party on Saturday July 21st from 1:30 – 3pm at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica. Come join us!

The event only cost $15 (to over materials). We’ll be making the neon ‘n rhinestone wrap bracelets, soaking up the sun and snacking on snow cones.

You can click here to purchase tickets on Lifecrowd, but act fast because space is limited.

See ya there!!! xo

EVENT: Glitter ‘N Glue + Ruche Bridal DIY Tutorial Live Broadcast #iDoDIY

Glitter ‘N Glue is celebrating brides with an entire month of bridal inspired crafts. Please join me and Ruche Bridal as we celebrate ‘I Do DIY’ month with a live DIY tutorial. Tune into the Glitter ‘N Glue YouTube page ( or Glitter ‘N Glue’s Google+ page today, June 5 at 5 p.m. EST/ 2 p.m. PST as I show you how to DIY a feather collar, the first project in the series.

During the live DIY tutorial, be sure to follow hashtag #iDoDIY on Twitter and tweet @Glitter_N_Glue and @ShopRuche with any questions about the DIY project, Glitter ‘N Glue, the Ruche bridal collection or weddings in general! (PS: I’ve never been married but a birdesmaid about a zillion times, so feel free to ask those ‘friend of the bride’ questions.)

Tune in because we’re going to have lots of fun!

Save The Date: June Is I Do DIY Month #iDoDIY

I have an exciting announcement to share with you all… I’M GETTING MARRIED! Ok that’s a joke seeing as how my Facebook relationship status seems to be permanently stuck on single, but if you walked into my DIY studio you would totally think I was getting hitched. The truth is I’m up to my elbows in wedding magazines collecting bridal inspiration for I DO DIY MONTH!

I get tons of emails from my Glitter ‘N Glue brides-to-be asking about Bridal DIY’s and I’m so happy to accommodate. I’ve partnered with Ruche Bridal and ever Wednesday in the month of June I will post a new DIY Bridal project. But never fear ladies who, like myself, believe that the movie 27 Dresses is bases on your life these projects are great for brides, bridesmaids AND super stylish girls alike. (C’mon I know I’m not the only one singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies at the top of my lungs, right?)

So save the date and get excited. During the month of June, Glitter ‘N Glue will celebrate the Bride! Be sure to follow Glitter ‘N Glue on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates.

#iDoDIY month is sponsored by the Bridal Collection at Ruche

Glitter ‘N Glue on StyleCaster: Marni Inspired Plastic Bottle Necklace In Honor Of Earth Day

Today’s is Earth Day and in honor of our planet I figured I’d celebrate  with an earth friendly DIY project. Today I teamed up with StyleCaster to create a Marni inspired necklace made with materials I collected from my trash can. Yes indeed! today we’re taking the term “Reduce, Reuse, recycle” to a whole new level. Click here to check out the entire project and remember to do something nice to the planet today… it’s the only one we have!


DIY: An Open Love Letter To Krylon’s Fluorescent Spray Paint

My neon obsession has blossomed into a full-blown addiction! I started off as just a social neon spray painter, first using it to color my neon satchel then my neon clutch, but somewhere along the way I lost control. Over the past few weeks I’ve collected the Krylon Flourescent Spray Paint in every color and I can’t stop painting! I’m spraying necklaces, shoes, sunglasses, bracelets and so on and so forth. Somebody call Dr. Drew because I’m in need of neon spray paint rehab!

I think it’s time this necklace I bought from Forever 21 last year had a little bit of a makeover. Oh Krylon neon spray paint… Why can’t I quit you?!?!?!?!?

Be sure that when you’re spraying that you are in a well ventilated area and that you protect any surface you might be spraying on from getting damaged.

Spray away!

It may have to apply a couple of coats but when I’d have to say this makeover was a huge success

I wore my new necklace to the FAWN TV launch party last night in Hollywood. I paired it with my Fashion Star dress from H&M and my leopard Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

My friends and I had a fabulous time at the FAWN TV launch party. In case you haven’t heard yet, beauty blogger Michelle Phan is launching an all new Youtube for all women network (get it? F.A.W.N.) Click here to get all the details about the new network and feel free to follow Glitter ‘N Glue TV on Youtube as well (here).

Coachella: The Fashion DIY Roundup

It’s that time a year again for one of the biggest music festival in Southern California. Everybody grab your straw fedoras and some sunscreen because it’s time for Coachella-ella-ella! Ok let’s be real for a second… you will NOT catch me attending Coachella. There’s not a band in the world that I love enough to stand in the hot desert with only one port-o-potty and a few thousand of my closet friends. Sorry, not this girl. I’m not a music festival kinda lady. In fact, I’m looking forward to two consecutive weekends of a deserted Los Angeles.

However, since 80% of my friends are going and my Facebook timeline is full of status updates talking about what to wear and how much fun they’ll be having without me (womp, womp, womp), I decided to do this Coachella DIY roundup. Below are some of my favorite DIY projects that would make great wears for the music festival.

L to R: Hanging Chain Headband, Fringe Sandals, Tribal Bleached Denim Cutoffs, Chanel Straw Cross Body Bag

Tribal DIY Mani, Flowy Scarf Top, Decorative TOMS

Seriously, for everyone traveling to Coachella please be safe and have an amazing time. I’ll be back in LA brunching, lounging by the pool and enjoying the limited number of people in the city. I’ll be here when you get back. xo

Floss Angeles: DIY Terrarium Tutorial At West Elm

What’s the first thing you want to do after getting a fresh mani…go play in the dirt! Obviously I’m hitting ya’ll with a bit of sarcasm, but that’s exactly what I did this weekend. This past Saturday, the West Elm store on Beverly Blvd hosted Rolling Greens Nursery for a day of terrarium making.

It might just be me, but I feel like the terrarium craze has taken over my DIY decor life! Everywhere I look I see creative terrariums and over the past few months I’ve become obsessed with terrariums. Plus, let’s be honest…a terrarium is probably the ONLY chance I have of keeping something green in my house without killing it.

If you’re not familiar, terrariums are a  transparent container in which plants are grown. They’re pretty easy to make…

Materials: recycled clear jars or vases • a small bag of sand or dirty • shells or pieces of driftwood • small air plants or succulents

Directions: 1. Pour a small amount of sand into the jar (this holds in moisture for your plant)/ 2. Decorate your mini-landscape with shells and driftwood (or I decorate mine with old earring for added bling)/ 3. Add the plants. (source Elle Decor)

There are also plenty of terrarium how to kits available online that come prepackaged. However, if you live in the LA area and have free time Rolling Greens Nursery will be hosting how to classes March 31st for $25. Give their Hollywood store a call (323.934.4500) for more details.

Floss Angeles: Forever 21 Expands The Santa Monica Store

Images via La Catrina de la Moda

Just in time for Spring, the Forever 21 store on 3rd street promenade has expanded. That’s right, now all us SoCal fashionistas have even more elbow room to get out shopping on.  If you’ve ever been to the promenade Forever 21 location you already know it’s a big one, but with the new ‘For Love 21′ addition there’s now an amazing shoe salon and accessories department for us to spend our money in. To celebrate they invited a few bloggers from the LA area to come check out the new digs and to pick out some of their favorite “crush” items for Spring. It was so great to see all the fabulous and fashionable LA bloggers spending their evening the Santa Monica air.

Images Glitter ‘N Glue Instagram and Grasie Mercedes

There was also a DIY lounge set up at the event where we painted Forever 21 accessories from the brands nail polish collection. Remember my DIY neon statement necklace tutorial from awhile back? (If no, click here) I used neon paint to give my rhinestones a once over, but nail polish is a great alternative. You gotta love the neon necklace DIY!

Check out the Forever 21 blog for more party pics from the event. And don’t forget to say hello is you see me in the store. ‘Cause ya’ll know I’ll be in there picking up materials for my DIY projects…You guys already know!!!!

Floss Angeles: Marni At H&M Pre-shopping Party

We’re known for making the red carpet sizzle, but Los Angeles isn’t necessarily known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. How rude! I’ve worked in the LA fashion scene for over 6 years and we’ve been known to get our party on from time to time.  The new “Floss Angeles” section to my blog is your look at all the fancy places and flossy people I see while attending events in this city. I often find DIY inspiration while out and about so stay tuned and enjoy the fun.

Style & Beauty Expert Jennifer Chan, Wardrobe Stylist Tod Hallman, DJ Michelle Pesce

Today is the day Marni for H&M arrives in stores. To celebrate, H&M invited LA’s fashion elite for some early in store shopping. There was music, champagne and lots of empty hangers. That’s right…empty! I arrived 20 mins late (ya know fashionably late) and everything had already been scooped up. Obviously if you snooze, you loose with this crowd. There were people walking around with bags on bags on bags full of Marni merchandise. Forget March Madness! It was full-blown Marni Madness inside the H&M store on Sunset Blvd.

I saw lots of friends while in the fashion trenches. I always love seeing the fabulous Amanda Garrigus! And can we talk about her amazing vintage button statement necklace?! It’s non Marni or H&M, but still fab and so DIYable.

Marni’s runway collection is known for fun prints and chunky accessories and their H&M collaboration didn’t disappoint.  The merchandise went fast. Below are a few of my favorite statement pieces I’m obsessing over. And hey with the prices ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 I think this is a case of the “just buy, ’cause you’ll never be able to afford Marni these prices!”

What do you guys think about this H&M collabo? The Marni for H&M officially hits stores today. You can check out the entire collection at

EVENT: You’re Invited To Join Me This Saturday At The Alternative Apparel Valenties DIY Party

Events: Swarovski Crystals Hollywood Hills Vintage Prom and Spring Collection Preview

Last night was Prom night! No seriously, last night I attended the Hollywood Hills High Prom hosted by Swarovski. Cute event idea right? See the Swarovski band is produced in Austria where they don’t have Proms. However, the were inspired by the American tradition when creating the Spring 2012 collection and wanted to throw a good ole fashion 1960’s Prom to preview the collection. The event was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel (very fancy) and hosted by Cameron Silver of Decades who provided vintage 60’s inspired dresses for all the mannequins to wear. I know this post has nothing to do with DIY but I wanted to share with my Glitterati because I know how my things that bling inspire you. Below are a few sights. Enjoy…

Forget Pandora or the MP3 players, the room was covered in personalized Swarovski 45’s. Such an adorable decorative party idea.

Talk about a statement necklace!

Yummy drinks

…and yummy jewelry!

This is my favorite part of the collection. I love the crystals in different shades of pink. The necklace is to die for and that drop earrings are gorgeous.

And can we talk about his rings for a minute? It’s a must!

This is the couture piece that inspired the collection. Isn’t it just so glam!

Here’s a little blinged out headhand situation to inspire you. What I love most about Swarovski  is that they have an Elements division to their brand that allows you to buy the crystals and make it yourself. Swarovski Elements encourages doing it yourself and you know I’m a fan of that! I love to browse the Elements website and  inspiration boards (here) for ideas.

Everyone was getting into the them of the evening. My blogger buddy Sydne Summer of Sydne Style rocked her gorgeous emerald green vintage maxi dress from Shareen’s Vintage to the event.

If I had Prom to do all over again, I’d for sure rock a Swarovski encrusted clutch!

I’m a huge fan of my girl Jade’s 60’s inspired dress

This Swarovski necklace from the Spring collection would make the perfect accessory for her dress. I love this necklace. It’s Swarovksi’s answer to those famous braided nut bracelets that are so popular in the DIY world.

All in all it was a fabulous Prom night!

AND I GOT ENGAGED! lol not really, but I did have hours of fun trying on Swarovski cocktail rings. When someone does finaly put a ring on it, I want the ring to look like this! lol Take note boys…

Afterparty: GSC Miss Congeneality DIY Party

Last night Miss Wisconsin was crowned Miss America 2012 and I hosted a DIY party to celebrate the festivities. Click here to check out The Glitterati Social Club for all the sights from last nights party!

DIY EVENT: Glitterati Social Club January Event Details

I’m very excited to finally announce the details of the 1st ever official Glitterati Social Club event! What is The Glitterati Social Club you ask? Well the GCS meets once a month for a themed night cocktails and crafts . Check out all the details at I’m inviting all Glitter ‘N Glue readers to join me Saturday January 14th at Mama’s Bakery in Los Angeles from 6-8 for a Miss America pageant viewing party. Let’s kick off the new year with a fun night of crafts, cocktails and Miss Congeniality!

While we watch the beauty queens battle it out for the crown, we’ll DIY our own tiara (aka embellished headbands). Also, attempt to correctly rank the top 3 contestants for your chance to win a pampering package fit for a queen! There will be loads of libations and a cupcake bar courtesy of Mama’s Secret Bakery. It’s only $10 when you reserve your spot ahead of time (click here to purchase) or pay $15 at the door. Come on, reserve your spot now!

UPDATE: Please note the time change. The event will take place from 9 – 11pm pst

You’re Invited to the BCBGeneration DIY Holiday Party!

Let’s party! Join me next Tuesday December 13th from 7pm – 9pm at the BCBGeneration store at Century City Mall for the craftiest Holiday party of the season. We’ll be making peppermint statement necklaces, drinking hot chocolate and shopping! I can’t wait to get my hands on my current BCBGeneration obsession… 

Yep, I’m pretty sure I NEED this faux fur vest! They’re giving away gift cards to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with any purchase of regularly priced merchandise. So mark your calendars, bring a friend and let’s have some fun! I hope you see all my fellow fabulously crafty Angelenos there.

Happy Holidays!


DIY: Lanvin Inspired Embellished Belt Part 2

People always ask me if I wear the things I make. Of course I do! I only make things that I would actually wear. Not only do I wear the actual DIY items I made, but sometimes I redo projects with different materials or colors to match outfits. Recently, I revisited a vintage Glitter ‘N Glue tutorial (and by vintage I mean November 2010) and re-DIYed this Lanvin inspired embellished belt.  Check out this “vintage” video for the delicious how to details. This was of the first DIY video’s I’ve ever made back when my blog was called Vainglorious.

This time I used a black belt and silver trim with studs to make it a little edgier.

Recently I wore my belt to the Directives West First. LA runway show for LA Fashion Week where I served as a GLAMbassador. I paired it with a structured white dress from designer Galina Sobolev’s Single Dress Collection. The belt looks great with white, but I’m also excited to rock  it with all the little back dresses I have in my closet. Y’all know I’m the queen on the LBD and a statement belt is the perfect way to glam up a basic black dress. Trust me I’ll be wearing this belt with tons of outfits between now and New Year’s eve.

Crafternoon: Two Point Oh LA! 2nd Annual Picnic

You guys know how I love nothing more in the world then to spend a lazy afternoon with my friends getting crafty. Well this weekend I got to do that with some of the top fashion bloggers in Los Angeles at the 2nd annual Two Point Oh! LA picnic. Before we stuffed our gift bags full of goodies from Neiman Marcus, Essie, BCBGeneration and more, we pulled out the new Stained by Sharpie markers and got crafty at the DIY lounge sponsored by Sole Society

Peter Adrian is such a talented artist!

Click here to check out the Two Point Oh! LA’s official Flickr page and see more photos from the picnic.

Even Think Thru Fashion blogger, Sydne Summer got in on the action and drew a picture of her adorable doggie Bunny Bell!

Thanks again to Sole Society for sponsoring the lounge. And many thanks to Sharpie for letting us play with their new Stained marker. It’s officially my new fav fabric marker!

An afternoon of fun is just as easy as a canvas bag and markers! Don’t forget to send me pictures of the crafternoons you spend with your friends.

Crafternoon: To Live And DYE In LA

Two of my favorites things in life are cocktails and crafts. A few weeks ago I invite over a few of my fashion blogger friends (Sydne of Think Thru Fashion, Laurie of Laurie B Style and Kelly of Buss Buss) to join me for a little of both. We sipped spiked lemonade and pulled out the bottles of Rit Dye for an afternoon of colorful crafting.

Ombre is a very popular trend for Summer and Rit Dye has an amazing blog where they tell you step by step how to achieve the ombre effect. Click here for all the dye details.

We snacked to these yummy lemon and coconut cream cookies and on chocolate cover strawberry’s Kelly bought as a gift. (Thanks Kelly!)

Before: On my party invitation I requested everyone bring an article of clothing they wished to dye.

Kelly got the party started by making sure her “Golden Yellow” dye was perfectly mixed.

DIYer Tip: When dyeing you’re not just limited to clothing that is plain white. I opted to dye a tan tunic from H&M with an animal print on it!

Little did we know Laurie is the QUEEN dyeing, but it’s only because she’s had years of practice. Check out her youtube page and she’ll tell you why!

By the way in case you didn’t know fashion blogger do EVERYTHING in heels… even crafting!

Once Laurie Dutchess of Dye (<–sorry leftover from the Royal Wedding) was done dying her scarf, she moved on to this necklace!

Everyone wanted in on the crafternoon action. This squirrel is like the Tim Gunn of the animal kingdom… carry on!

Thanks Laurie for the fun video!

Craft parties are a great way to spend quality time with your friends. Crafter and author Maura Madden has a great book dedicated entirely to  crafternoons. The name of her book is actually called Crafternoon: A Guide to Getting Artsy and Crafty With Your Friends All Year Long and it’s full of fun tips on getting artsy and crafty with your friends (obviously). I encourage all my readers to plan a summer crafternoon!

I had such a blast spending the afternoon with my friends. Thank you ladies for coming and playing with me! xoxo

Be Inspired: Royal Wedding DIY Inspirations

Love the rhinestone belt that accentuates Duchess Catherine’s reception dress (designed by Sarah Burton)

Not even sure where to begin with this picture. There were so many mini players that stole the show at the Royal Wedding. The floral hair accessories, the military gold buttons on the boys capris (I know that’s not the British term, but ya’ll know what I mean) and even the buckles on their black patent leather shoes are all aDIYorable (<– obviously not a word)!

London aka The Land of the Fascinators! I adore Lady Eliza’s (middle) black number. It looks like an oversized bow!

The wedding guest didn’t disappoint either… Loving the studs on the soles of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s heel and Samantha Cameron’s  gold chain necklace is a DIY do!

Congrats to Wills and Kate!

A Very Sperry DIY Party at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot

This past weekend Teen Vogue invited me to host a DIY party with Sperry Top-Sider at their Teen Vogue Haute Spot pop-up store in Costa Mesa, California. Special thanks to Teen Vogue, Sperry Top-Siders and of course all the girls who came to the event and got crafty with me. It was a Sperry good time!

Using colorful wood beads are a great way to personalize a classic pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

Sperry Power!!!

Lots and lots of colorful beads, charms and clips to choose from.

Standing room only!

Don’t forget about the Very Sperry contest: Log onto and upload a photo of you wearing your favorite pair of Sperry Top-Siders and you’re entered for a chance to win a new pair every month for an entire year!

Tribal print romper + hot pink Sperry Top-Siders = Haute

I hope she enters the contest.

Even Shawn Reed, the West Coast Sperry Top-Sider representative, got crafty and added sail boat charms to his Sperry’s.

SO CREATIVE! I loved that she used her Sperry lace to create an accessory for her bag!


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