VIDEO: DIY Tortoise Lucite (aka recycled plastic) + Jeweled Earrings

I’m obsessing over all the Springtime tortoise jewelery I’ve been seeing as of late. And with a Earth Day just a few days away, I was inspired to dig through my recycling bin and use a piece of plastic to help me create this lucite inspired look. This is such a fun, chic and earth friendly (well kind of) project. And because I know so many of you have been asking about the sew on jewels, I found them at a store in downtown LA called The Bead Factory. You can order online here.

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Star Power: My DIY Jem And The Hologram Inspired Crystal Star Button Earrings

Miss Kris Jem And The Holograms Crystal Star Earrings DIYLots of questions about the star earrings I was wearing in my blog change announcement post (here). Yep you guys guess it… I made them! I actually made them years ago long before I was really into blogging. I was shopping vintage and this lady was selling a bag of metal buttons. In the bag I discovered these two star buttons. Instantly they remided me of my childhood hero, Jem of Jem and the Holograms fame (y’all remember her, right?!) and her magical star earrings. I removed the shank from the back of the earring and used E6000 to apply an earring post, but before doing so I spend a few hours applying tiny crystals to the buttons because I’m sure that’s what Jem would have wanted me to do! These earrings have got to be one of my truly prized crafted possessions. Pictured above with a few of my other favorite things: the Emily yellow neon lucite clutch from Tess Handbags, Essie‘s “Find Me An Oasis” polish and Maybelline‘s Hibiscus Haven lipcolor.

Click here to see how to use a similar DIY process to create fabulous button rings.

Miss Kris Jem And The Holograms Crystal Star Earrings DIY 2

Initial Thoughts: DIY Letter Stud Earrings

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud EarringsAnything love anything monogrammed or personalized with my initials. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of these letter stud earrings and thought it was time I made a pair for myself.  Note – these also make a wonderful gift and with the Holidays right around the corner… I’m just saying!

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings MATERIALSMaterials: Metal Letter Charms, Gold Paint, Earring Post, Glue, Paint Brush

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings CUTUse your pliers to remove the loops from your letter charms.

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings PAINTIf your charms are silver and you’d prefer gold, used a gold paint to change the color.

TIP: When painting such small pieces, I often use a Q-tips so I don’t have to worry about cleaning a brush afterward

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings GLUEOnce your letters are dry, use your glue to add the earring post to the back of your letters.

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings  KK for Kristen

Glitter N Glue DIY initial Stud Earrings TT for Turner

Emmy Winners: Red Carpet Ready DIY Earrings

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.09.58 PMGlitter ‘N Glue’s Swarovski Statement Sparklers (my faves, obviously!)Earrings

Wander and Hunt Jeweled Earrings

Glitter N Glue Emmy Red Carpet Worth Earring DIY STUDWedding Obsession’s Stud Earrings

Glitter N Glue Emmy Red Carpet Worth Earring DIY THANKSThanks I Made This’ Vintage Inspired Earrings

Glitter Button EarringsShe is Red’s Glitter Studs

DIY: Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop EarringLast weekend I was invited to a Golden Globes party hosted by the chic and stylish Kelly of KellyGolightly.com. If you’re into fashion, food, traveling and entertaining then you should follow this lovely lady’s blog. She throws the best parties and gives such great ideas! Of course her Golden Globes party was well… golden down to every detail.  If you follow me on the Instagram then you saw me post a picture of Kelly’s sequin golden globe earrings (here). I was obsessed! Kelly purchase her earrings at a thrift store, but today we’re making our own pair…

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring MATERIALSMaterials: Bouncy Balls, Sequins, Glue, Chain, Earring Findings, Small Eye Screws

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring GLUEKelly’s earrings reminded me of the sequin ornament tutorial I posted for Christmas. (Remember? No, click here to review) The process is very similar. To start add a dab of glue to the bottom of your bouncy ball. Then, place the end of the sequin trim in the glue and start wrapping.  Apply glue as you wrap around the bouncy ball. Continue the process until the ball is completely covered.

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring ATTACHUse a pair of pliers to attach the earring finding to the chain and the chain to the eye screw. Eye screws can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring SCREWScrew the chain into your bouncy ball

Glitter N Glue DIY Bouncy Ball Sequin Drop Earring FULLThere’s some good news for those of you that love this project as much as I do… THERE IS A GLITTER ‘N GLUE ASSEMBLY REQUIRED KIT AVAILABLE FOR THIS DIY PROJECT!

Click here to purchase the materials (minus glue and pliers) you’ll need to complete this project. The kit cost $13 and is available in gold, black or magenta. Enjoy! xo

DIY: Embellished Sweatshirt

DIY Embellished Sweatshirt Glitter N Glue

Next week I’m heading back to Texas to spend the Holidays with my family. Everytime my Mom and I chat she asks what I’m going to pack for my trip home? What am I going to pack?!?!!? Sweats and more sweats! My plan is to spend my entire two week vacation on the couch vegging out and watching HGTV. I plan to never leave the couch, but being that it’s the Holidays, I guess I should be prepared to get glitzy for all the family festivities. So much like my metallic tudexo stripe sweatpants from Thanksgiving (which will be coming to Texas with me for Christmas), I think it’s time to add a little embellishment to my sweatshirt. Even though I’m on vacation I have to stay camera ready because there’s a 98.3% chance the random family photo we take in my Aunt’s kitchen during her dessert party will end up as the cover image for the Christmas cards my Mom sends out next year.

I was surfing the webpages of Vogue.com and found a little DIY inspiration (here) for this project.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  MATERIALS FULLMaterials: Sweatshirt, Earrings, Needle and Thread

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  DeconstructIf needed, use pliers or jewelry nippers to deconstruct your earrings. The bigger the earrings are the better they will appear on the sweatshirt. I purchased these earrings from Forever 21.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt LAYOUTLay out your jewelry pieces so that you know exactly where you want them to go.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt  SEW

Hand stitch the earring to the sweatshirt to be sure it’s secure.

Glitter N Glue DIY Embellished Sweatshirt DETAIL FULL

DIY: Two Button Statement Earrings

IT’S STATEMENT EARRING TIME!!!! No seriously… it’s time! The holiday’s are around the corner and it’s time to start updating our jewelry collections with a few gorgeous sparklers for the season. Using the same technique as my DIY button ring tutorial, here’s an easy breezy project to help you bring a little bling to those earrings!

Materials: 4 Buttons, 4 Earring Findings With Post and Hoop, Jump Rings, Earring Backings


DIY: A Crafternoon With Mark Montano + Bling Statement Earrings

Last week I invited myself over to Mark Montano (crafter extraordinaire and author of the Big Ass Book Of Crafts and The Big Ass Book Of Bling)’s craft house for an afternoon of crafting. I have a craft closet, Mark has a craft house!!! #MAJOR

We spent the afternoon turning a pair of basic pumps into the most blinged out pair of heels this side of the Miu Miu store. A true show stopper! Below is a video of all our DIY adventure…

This project inspired me! I took the same idea and DIYed a pair of statement earrings.

Materials: A Piece Of Leather, Flat Back Stones, E6000

Cut out a fun shape from your piece of leather

Lay the stones into your desired pattern and use the E6000 to glue them into place.

I used a needle to punch a hole at the top and added an earring finding. So chic!

For more information about the amazingness that is Mark Montano check out his website www.MarkMontano.com

DIY: Glitter ‘N Glue’s Embellished Collar Featured On Forever 21’s Blog The Skinny

I was so excited when Forever 21 asked me to get a little crafty for their blog, The Skinny. Seriously who doesn’t love a good Forever 21? Their recently remodeled store at the Beverly Center here in Los Angeles is my second home. No for reals all the employees know me by name there and I about to start having my mail delivered to that address. Click here to see how I dressed up this Forever 21 lace top with a few turquoise studs from their accessories department. So simple, so chic and so many possibilities. Again you can see the full full tutorial here.

Cheers to the weekend my loves. Make it a good one!!! xoxo

Guest Blogger on Penny Chic + DIY Tassel Earrings

My friend Shauna Miller is the creator and editor of an amazing blog called Penny Chic. Seriously, you all should check it out because this girl knows how to take something from a stores like KMART, Target or JCPenny and really make them look chic and trendy. I always learn something new when I visit her blog. Like did you know French Connection had a diffusion line at Sears? WHAT???!?!? OMG!!! I KNOW!!!!! I HAD NO IDEA! It’s called UK Style and I’m heading to the closest sears this weekend to check it out.

But I digress, this week Shauna asked if I’d be a guest model on her blog. I know you guys are laughing ’cause is that even a real question??? Of course I’d love to model on the blog!!! I had a great time showing of my FAVORITE purchase of the Summer (…thus far). I love this Prada inspired dress from JCPenny’s and of course no outfit is complete without my Miu Miu inspired glitter pumps  and my DIYed tassel earrings. By now you all should know how to apply glitter to a fancy pair of shoes (it seems like I glitterize a new pair of shoes every other week) but the tassel earrings are easy to make too…

Materials: Buttons, Earring Post, Fringe, Glue, Nippers

This project is a lot like the DIY button ring tutorial. First, use your nippers to remove the shanks on the back of the button. Then, use your strong hold glue to apply and apply the earring post to the back of the button.

Add the fringe to the earring post and apply just a dab of the glue to secure it.

I’ve now made several pairs of these tassel earrings. NO BUTTON IS SAFE!

Thanks again to Shauna for allowing me to grace the pages of Penny Chic. xo

CelebriDIY Inspiration: Embellished Ankle Straps

Emily Blunt in Gianvito Rossi, Hayden Panettiere in Jimmy Choo, Cassie in Cavalli

So I’ve noticed how celebrities have been opting for minimal traditional jewelry (ie: earrings, necklaces, etc…) and choosing to accessorise their… ankles! That’s right the ankles are making big come back on red carpets all across the world. As if that sexy ankle ever went out of style!

Imagine my DIY delight when I was sitting front row at Nina Ricci and I got an up close an personal look at these blinged out ankle embellished pumps (and by sitting front row I mean scanning the collection on Style.com). My mind was in creative overdrive…

Although my bright blue Aldo wedges are pretty amazing as is, I thought they could use a little embellishment

I ran to my jewelry box an pulled out ever bling out brooch, button and earring I could find. I love the Nina Ricci inspired look, but don’t be afraid to add feather, bows, flowers, studs or chains to your ankle straps. There’s no material a lil E6000 can’t hold!

DIYers Tip: If you use brooches you can simply slip them over the straps. Then there’s no need for glue. You can wear your shoes with or without the embellishments. Who doesn’t love options?!?

Dress from H&M, Earrings from Kate Spade, Wedges from Aldo

DIY: WWDMAGIC Las Vegas + Feather Earrings Tutorial + Betsey Johnson And I Are BFFs

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that I spent the last 4 days in Las Vegas. Yep, that’s right VEGAS!!! The good people at WWDMAGIC invited a blog-tourage to come and be a part of the trade show. I was invited to host a DIY lounge along with my two other DIY blogger friends Alicia (from Dismount Creative) and Jenni (from I Spy DIY). I met other bloggers from across the country and was able to interact with show goers in the DIY lounge. For 3 days we Alica, Jenni and I held DIY tutorials at the lounge and people stopped by to get crafty with us. On the last day Jenni shared her fabulous feather earring tutorial with she’s featuring in her I Spy DIY book. Be sure to pick up a copy when it hits stands in April because it’s full of fun projects AND yours truly is quoted in the book! Here’s the step by step for the easy, breezy feather earrings…

First, pick out a colorful combination of feathers you want to play with

You can purchase feathers at craft stores like Michale’s. There’s also a good selection of feathers online, but if you live in Los Angeles may I suggest you check out Mother Plucker Feather Company. It’s my favorite feather store in LA!

You’ll also need jewelry clasp and earring findings.

Lay you feathers into the jewelry clasp, then using a pair of flat nose plyers bend each clasp down until the feathers are secure.

Then, use your plyers to open the ring on the end of the jewelry finding and attached the clasp. Close the ring to secure.

In two easy steps you have yourself a fancy pair of feather earrings.

Lots of people came to the lounge to make their own pair. So many feather. So many colors. So many different combinations. That’s what I love about DIY. Everyone participated in the same project but no two pairs of earrings looked a like.

The highlight of my trip to Vegas had to be meeting Betsey Johnson!!!! I still can’t get over it! The day after her NYC runway show at Fashion Week, Ms. Johnson got on a plane and headed to Las Vegas to make an appearance at MAGIC! (Sorry I’m using a lot of explanation marks but I was literally that excited!!! JUST BE HAPPY I’M NOT TYPING IN ALL CAPS! #excited) Anywho, the other bloggers and I got a chance to meet and be photographed with her. While we were waiting for the lights to flash, Betsy and I got to chat DIY. She’s very excited about the trend. She doesn’t remember the first thing she ever made herself, but she said when she got her first sewing machine it “changed [her] life.” Well obviously! And it changed our lives too! I’m a BIG fan of Betsey’s. Her collection is always fun and whimsical.

Look at the smiles on our faces. Like kids in a candy store! Just being in her presence gave us an extra boost of energy.

Bloggers from L to R: Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor (sitting), Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook (squatting), Me, Betsey, Rachel from The Style Line, Marie from The Curvy Fashionista (sitting) and Alicia from Dismount Creative (squatting).

I had to crop a few people out of this picture to make it look like Betsey and I are best friends, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! lol Thank goodness for Instagram.

All and all my time in Vegas was exciting, energizing and exhausting. Now to spend the next 3 days catching up on my sleep. Viva Las Vegas!!!

DIY: Tassel Knot Chain Earrings

Ok so full disclosure: This post was inspired by an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes I’m a fan of entire Bravo TV Housewives  franchise. I watch all of them, except Orange County. Don’t judge me! Anywho, I was watching last weeks episode of RHOATL when these earrings on the lobes of Ms. Sheree Whitfield caught my eye. They were all chain and dangling down here neck. They were fierce! My inner diva was turned on and I was inspired to make my own…

Materials: Chains, 2 Jump Rings, 2 Earring Findings

Sip the earring finding onto the jump ring. Cut your chain to be about 8-10 inches long.

Slide your chain through the jump ring.

Knot the top of the earring, finding and all, around the chain and pull tight to secure.

Honey, you gotta love a pair of earrings that move in the wind!

Anytime I wear chains it brings out my inner Rihanna. My inner rocker. They edgy and fun. Not necessarily something I’d wear every day, but with the right outfit they’re the perfect match.


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