DECK THE HALLS: Decorating For The Holidays

I got 99 problems but holiday decor ain’t one!!!! (<- Jay Z’s 99 Problems the remix featuring a festive Miss Kris) The Holidays can be a stressful time, but obviously it doesn’t have to be. A quick trip to the 99 Cent Store (one of my favorite places on earth) and a little creativity made this years decorating super simple. Keep your eyes peeled for a fun light wreath DIY. O_O

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Crafting Chrismtas: A Collection Of Fab Christmas Decor DIYs

a collection of holdaiy diy round up glitter n glueStill putting the finishing touches on your Christmas decorations? Or maybe somehow you were talked into decorating the house for your Mom’s big ole Texas size Christmas party (yes, me!). Well here’s a little round-up of a few super fab Holiday DIY projects. There’s still time to add a personal touch to your Holiday decor.

Balsa Wood Diamond Ornament {here} | Spectacular Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper {here} | Gold Leafed Pine Cone Garland {here} | Oversized Ornament Balloons {here} | Glitterly Tree Branches {here} | Mason Jar Snow Globes {here} | Sequin Ornament {here} | Glam Gift Bow Garland {here} | Fancy Faux Fur Tree Skirt {here}

DIY: Sequins ‘N Glue Christmas Ornament

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N GlueHave you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Well the clear plastic ornament is THE craft material of the season. It’s a blank canvas that allows you to custom design and DIY your Christmas tree. This project is just one way (…of about a zillion) you could customize your ornament.

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N Glue MATERIALSMaterials: A Round Ornament, Sequin Trim, Glue

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N Glue GLUEApply a healthy amount of glue to the bottom or your ornament.

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N Glue WRAPPlace the end of the sequin trim in the glue and start wrapping. Continue to apply glue as you wrap around the ornament.

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N Glue CUTWhen you get to the top of your ornament, use your scissors and cut away any extra trim. Apply glue to the last sequin to be sure your trim is secure.

Sequin N Glue DIY Christmas Ornament by Glitter N Glue CLOSE UPI used about 5 yards of trim to cover once ornament. At .50 cents per yard for trim plus the clear ornament ($1 from Michaels) this one ornament cost me about $3.50.

 Fellow DIY blog Thanks, I Made It has complied a collection of crafty and creative DIY ornament projects from across the blogosphere  including glitter ornaments, dipped ornaments, melted crayon ornaments and more! To view the full list click here.

Holiday DIY: Metallic Garland Wreath With Lights

DIY Metallic Garland Wreath I have to admit that out of all the Christmas decorations, wreaths have never been my thing. Growing up my Mom would spend hundred of dollars to have Christmas wreaths custom made. They were always  very elaborate. They’d have dried fruit or frosted (If you’re from the South you know what I mean by frosted)  evergreens hanging from them, but I was never impressed. Although, recently I’ve seen a few tutorials floating around the web (aka Pinterest) for these metallic garland wreaths and I fell in love. I just had to give one a shot. I hope you’re as into it as I am!

DIY Metallic Garland Wreath MATERIALSMaterials: Lights, Garland, Pipe Insulation



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