DIY: Chain Belt

Glitter N Glue DIY Chain And Tassel BeltI’ve channeled my inner 90’s fly girl! Lately I’ve been obsessing over fashion trends from the late 80’s/ early 90’s. Maybe the fact that my 30th is less than 2 months away is triggering my walk down fashion memory lane. Funny thing is that growing up I use to HATE the chain belts. My Mom had a crazy collection of chain belts (all of which had charms dangling from them) and she wore them with what seemed like every outfit. Well like they say what goes around, comes around and this go around I’m loving the chain belt. This Chanel inspired chain tutorial only takes a few steps and is the perfect accessory to belt those maxi dresses.

Glitter N Glue DIY Chain And Tassel Belt MATERIALSMaterials: Chain, Lobster Claw, Jump Ring, Decorative Jump Ring + Tassel (optional)Glitter N Glue DIY Chain Belt How To

You’ll need between a yard and a half to two yards of chain, depending on the size of your waist and how much give you want your belt to have.

Lay out your chain flat in an “S” shape. The main chain (1) should be the size of the front portion of your waist from hip to hip. Your layering chain (2) should be just a little longer so that it will hang longer than your main chain (1). Your third chain (3) will go behind your back. Be sure to add about an extra 6 inches to your third (3) chain. We’ll attach the tassel to this end of the chain and will become the “tail” of our belt. Above is a little how-to visual a la Ikea.

Putting the belt together is simple. Just remember that all the measurements can be adjusted to fit the size of your waist. And since you’re working with links and chains, making a mistake is not really an option.

Glitter N Glue DIY Chain And Tassel Belt CONNECTAttaching the tassel is totally optional. Maybe you’d rather connect a charm. You can attach whatever type of pendant you wish. Or don’t attach a pendant… it’s up to you!

Glitter N Glue DIY Chain And Tassel Belt DETAILNeedless to say my Mom was very excited when she heard about this project. She already put in her order and guess what… you can too! Well sort of. All of the materials needed for this project come in a kit available at the Glitter ‘N Glue store.

GREAT NEWS: You can SHOP the materials for this project at the Glitter ‘N Glue Store -> here!

DIY: Metallic Skinny Belt + How I Wore It

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooks like I’m going through a belt phase. There was the embellished belt, then the feather peplum belt and now…the metallic skinny belt. I’ve been eying this skinny metal belt for the past few season but when I saw Tina Fey looking va-va-voom on the SAG awards red carpet this weekend I knew I had to do it! The skinny metallic belt has be a hit on the red carpet this award season. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard rocked the trend at the Golden Globes. This project is easy, breezy and I’m excited to add this new belt to my collection.

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt Materials: Brass Plate*, Two Yards of Ribbon, Glue

*I used a K&S Engineering brass plate for this project. Click here for a list of retailers. I made my purchase at my local hardware store. They come in different widths and lengths. Be sure to purchases the smallest width they have. You want the plate to be flexible so that it bends around your waist. The sales associate at the hardware store explained to me that these plates are used for many different projects. He then asked me what I was planning to use it for. I wish I’d had my phone out so I could have snap a photo of the face he made when I told him I was using the plate to making a belt. It was Instagramable! O_o

Tip: The edges aren’t sharp, but if you’re nervous dull down the edges with sandpaper. 

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt GLUE Apply a generous amount of glue to your ribbon

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt Allow some time for your glue to dry. If needed, use clips to hold your ribbon in place while it dries.

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt It’s the perfect statement!

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt Tie a nice, pretty bow in the back for closure.

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt

DIY: Glitter N Glue Skinny Metal Metallic Belt Dress: Bar III | Shoes: Chinese Laundry

DIY: Embellished Sash #iDoDIY

There’s nothing like a fancy belt to accessories (and suck in) you waist. Embellishing a simple sash is a simple and chic way to add a little bling to the ultimate #ootd…you’re Wedding dress!

Materials: The Ruche Bridal Sash (Only $22.99! Purchase here), Rhinestone Trim, Fabric Glue

Use scissors to carefully cut the trim. A pair of small, sharp scissors work best. Apply a little clear nail polish to the end of the trim to prevent it from fraying.

Use fabric glue and apply the rhinestone trim directly to the sash.

This is a great accessory for the Bride or even her Bridemaids. This sash is so amazing it even looks great paired with a shirt and denim button down! Now I sound like  a late night infomercial, but seriously I love mixing the feminine rhinestone embellished sash with my rugged denim shirt. So many opportunities to make a fashion statement with this piece.

A special thank you to Found Creative for taking these amazing shots. Follow them on Facebook –> here. And don’t forget to head over  #iDoDIY month partner Ruche Bridal‘s website to check out their entire bridal collection.

DIY Quick Tip: Peplum Princess

Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams

Peplum is currently a very popular red carpet trend. I know there are mixed emotions about the trend, but honestly I’m a fan! Yes, as a curvy girl I’m in full support of the peplum trend. I feel like I hear so many women say this trend doesn’t work for them, but I just have to disagree. I feel like peplum works well on most. Agree or disagree? It creates shape for those without and it lets the world see exactly what a curvy girl is working with! Holla!!!

Anywho, this dress is the inspiration behind this DIY project. I bought this dress last summer and only wore it once. It seems like every time I put it I ended up changing outfits. Something about it just didn’t fit me right, but I couldn’t bring myself to give it away. Maybe it’s because I like the print. Or maybe it’s because I only wore it once and had a hard time getting rid of something I spent money on but only wore once. Regardless, I was sick of looking at it just hanging in my closet. So I decided to cut off the bottom and turn this frumpy a-line dress into a sexy peplum top.

If you don’t have a dress hiding in your closet, here are a few other examples (clockwise R to L) from  Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Asos and H&M of dresses that would be prefect for this project. Just a few examples to get those creative juices flowing.

I took my pair of scissors and started cutting 6 inches down from the waist band. Depending on the fabric, it’s not necessary to hem the ends. I personally love the deconstructed look and because of the way the peplum lays any imperfections in your cut become almost invisible.

To make sure I didn’t lose my waist, I accessorized my top with an embellished belt (…that I made of course! click here for that project) and a mini skirt. It’s important that when wearing a peplum top you keep your bottoms sleek. My suggestion is a fitted skirt or a pair of your favorite skinny jeans!

Awwww it feels good knowing that with the help of my scissors I gave this dress a second chance at life!

Peplum Top from Glitter ‘N Glue, Embellished Belt from Glitter ‘N Glue, Mini Skirt from H&M, Earrings from Crux NY, Shoes from Sole Society

DIY: Lanvin Inspired Embellished Belt Part 2

People always ask me if I wear the things I make. Of course I do! I only make things that I would actually wear. Not only do I wear the actual DIY items I made, but sometimes I redo projects with different materials or colors to match outfits. Recently, I revisited a vintage Glitter ‘N Glue tutorial (and by vintage I mean November 2010) and re-DIYed this Lanvin inspired embellished belt.  Check out this “vintage” video for the delicious how to details. This was of the first DIY video’s I’ve ever made back when my blog was called Vainglorious.

This time I used a black belt and silver trim with studs to make it a little edgier.

Recently I wore my belt to the Directives West First. LA runway show for LA Fashion Week where I served as a GLAMbassador. I paired it with a structured white dress from designer Galina Sobolev’s Single Dress Collection. The belt looks great with white, but I’m also excited to rock  it with all the little back dresses I have in my closet. Y’all know I’m the queen on the LBD and a statement belt is the perfect way to glam up a basic black dress. Trust me I’ll be wearing this belt with tons of outfits between now and New Year’s eve.


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