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VIDEO: DIY Bath Scrub… The Perfect Gift For The Girl Who Has It All!

Last year I made this lemon and vanilla bath scrub and gave it to all the women in my family. It was a HUGE hit! This year I revamped the scrub and added my favorite, refreshing scent lavender. Watch the video here!

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DECK THE HALLS: Decorating For The Holidays

I got 99 problems but holiday decor ain’t one!!!! (<- Jay Z’s 99 Problems the remix featuring a festive Miss Kris) The Holidays can be a stressful time, but obviously it doesn’t have to be. A quick trip to the 99 Cent Store (one of my favorite places on earth) and a little creativity made this years decorating super simple. Keep your eyes peeled for a fun light wreath DIY. O_O

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VIDEO: A Fabulous Friendsgiving

As I’ve mentioned over and over again, Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday of the year. There’s no pomp and circumstance. No fuss. It’s all about getting together with our families, enjoying a little foot and watching a little football. I know, more than anyone else that often times our friends are an extension of our families. Lots of us create our own familial bonds with our friends and hosting a Friendsgiving dinner is the perfect way to gather around those you love and acknowledge their presence in your life.

Blogger  buddy and friend, Kelly Golightly and I hosted a small gathering in my backyard last week for a few friends. The elements to a perfectly decorated Friendsgiving/ Thanksgiving table are easy: tablecloth, fancy dishes, simple decor, good eats, good drinks and friends! And of course you’re invited too! Click here to watch the video.

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 1Our lovely table. Thanks to Dish Wish for providing the fabulous dishes, glasses and flatware. I was dead set on having a black and white striped table cloth (I’m currently obsessed with all things B+W). I scored this fabric at my local hardware store for $18 and made it the star of our party.

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 2DIY INSPO: Spray paint a pumpkin with chalkboard paint and leave a personalized message for your dinner party guest.

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 3

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 4Golden ears of corn and golden pumpkins!

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 5Click here for Kelly Golightly’s yummy cocktail recipe. Sherbet + Prosecco are a tradition in her family. I have to admit I was like… huh?! what?!?… when she first mentioned it, but let me tell you it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! YUM!

Miss Kris + Kelly Golightly Friendsgiving 6Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Thank you ALL for being a friend!

Photos: Jessica Castro  | Video: (shot by) Calvin Main  | Friendsgving Dinner Sponsored by: Santa Margherita Wine – a beverage I enjoy, obviously. Celebrate Responsibly.

DIY: Pumpkin Floral Arrangement… the PERFECT Thanksgiving centerpiece

We’re days away from my FAVORITE HOLIDAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR! …as if you couldn’t tell from my use of the cap locks. If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to decorate for your upcoming dinner, give this floral pumpkin arrangement a try. I’ve seen this project floating all around Pinterest, and this is the second year in a row that I’ve made one. If you’re going to someones house for dinner, keep in mind that this project makes a great hostess gift!

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{Miss Kris TV} The Winter Closet Make Over

WINTER IS HERE!!! Ok I know it’s in the mid 60s here in LA and those of you that live in other parts of the US are shooting me major sideeye right now, but it’s Winter is here! Shorts, maxi dress, and sandals will no longer cut it. I spent a little quality time over the weekend doing something I rarely do… cleaning and organizing. I prepared by closet for the colder weather. It’s something I do twice a year. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Click here to see the full video (don’t forget to subscribe to the channel). If your closet is in need of a Winter make over, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Rotate Your Clothes: Bring the Winter wares to the front and send the Summer clothes to the back.

Miss Kris Winter Closet2. Stuff Your Drawers: Fold up things like shorts, t-shirts and stuff them in your drawers. Out of sight and out of mind. Plus this frees up some space in your closet for you to focus on your fab sweaters!

Miss Kris Winter Closet 1

3. The Shoe Swap: Say goodbye to the sandals. Put them in the way back and make room for all your flats, booties and boots.   Miss Kris Winter Closet 3

4. Organize Your Accessories: Winter weather is made for accessorizing. Now is the right time for all those hats, scarves and belts. Here’s a tip from my wardrobe stylist days… use a safety pin to hang your accessories to a hanger. This way you have easy access to each one and know exactly what you own. Miss Kris Winter Clsoet 2

5. The Purge: Seriously “The Purge” sounds like the title to a horrible scary movie and if you’ve seen my closet… it is! Now is the perfect time go get inside your closet, see what woks from last season and what doesn’t.

Miss Kris Winter Closet 4Crossroads Trading Co., one of my favorite places to shop, has a really great “Sell By Mail” program that comes in handy for such a purging occasion. Just go to their website and request a pre-paid shipping bag. They’ll mail one directly to your house. Fill it up with gently used, in season on trend threads and send it back to them. They’ll give you cash for the clothes they purchase or you can opt for a trade credit which allows you to shop their store. For a small fee they’ll what they didn’t purchase back to you or you have the option of donating it to charity. Money for new clothes + do a little good for charity. YES, PLEASE! Thanks Crossroads. Click here for all the details and to request your bag.

This post is a partnership with Crossroads Trading, Co. – one of my favorite resale stores!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Coming Soon To Miss Kris TV…

Miss Kris YT 3Can you believe it? There’s only 8 more weeks left in 2014. I don’t know about you, but I’m EXCITED to usher in 2015. I have a feeling next year is going to be good, good, GOOD! With that being said, I’m working hard to develop new content for my YouTube channel. I have so many ideas and so many things I want so share, but I’d LOVE to hear what you guys might be interested in seeing.

If you a moment or two, please answer the poll question below. I’m very interested in your feedback. If you have specific ideas, drop me a note in the comment section below. I get many request throughout the year and I’m excited to hear what you guys have to say. I love creating video content and there will be lots more coming your way in 2015!

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VIDEO: Candy Corn Inspired Glitter Champagne Bottles Just In Time For Halloween

Hosting a Halloween party this weekend? Or maybe you, like me, have plans to sit on the couch Friday night eating popcorn while watching a scary movie (aka the lazy girls guide to Halloween). Regardless of how you celebrate, you have to give these candy corn inspired champagne bottles a try. They’re pretty simple to make and will really bring a festive look to your evening.

Miss Kris Glitter Champagen Bottles DIY 1champagne plus

Miss Kris Glitter Champagen Bottles DIY 3 Halloweenmod podge and glitter equals

Miss Kris Glitter Champagen Bottles DIY 2 Halloweena whole lotta Halloween fabulousness!!! Click here to see all the DIY details.



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