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Cubed: DIY Coffee Cubes For Instant Iced Coffee

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIYNow that Starbucks red cup season is behind us and my pumpkin spice latte is officially off the menu, it’s time to return to my regularly scheduled caffeine programming. Forget what the fashion mags are telling you, in LA fresh brew in a go cup is the number one accessory of the Spring/Summer season. I’m totally guilty! It’s rare that you’ll catch me out and about during the day without an iced coffee in hand. Although, to save me from making multiple daily trips to the brew house (Hi! My name is Kristen and I’m a coffee addict) I’m freezing a few coffee cubes so that I can quickly make iced coffees on the go in the comfort of my own kitchen. Here’s how…

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 1First, make a big pot of coffee. Once it’s cooled, pour the coffee into ice trays.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 2Store the trays in your freezer and give your coffee time to freeze.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 3Cubed!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 4Once your coffee is frozen, add your cubes to a cup and flavor with milk and sugar.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 5The quick and easy way to prepare iced coffee at home!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 6originally via Pinterest

VIDEO: DIY Tortoise Lucite (aka recycled plastic) + Jeweled Earrings

I’m obsessing over all the Springtime tortoise jewelery I’ve been seeing as of late. And with a Earth Day just a few days away, I was inspired to dig through my recycling bin and use a piece of plastic to help me create this lucite inspired look. This is such a fun, chic and earth friendly (well kind of) project. And because I know so many of you have been asking about the sew on jewels, I found them at a store in downtown LA called The Bead Factory. You can order online here.

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to the Miss Kris Channel! xo

Wet Paint: DIY Nail Polish Splatter Paint Canvas

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 1-1Where do I find my crafty inspiration, you ask?!? Well today it came when I knocked over a bottle of nail polish while trying to tackle my at home mani. See this is usually why I get my nails done at the salon… I ALWAYS make a mess! Thankfully, this is not my first day at the DIY mani rodeo and there was a piece of paper there to protect my furniture from my handy work! When I was finished painting, the paper reminded me of a Jackson Pollock painting and inspired my afternoon project. What a fab way to add a little color to a plain white canvas.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 2MATERIALS: The most important is nail polish! The best thing about this project is that you can make it whatever colors you want. Clearly I have a lot of polished to choose from. I recommend choosing 4 to 5 of your favorites. You’ll also need a white stretched canvas and spray paint.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 3First create the base color by spray painting your canvas. I chose to paint my canvas gold, but you can use silver or whatever color you wish!

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 4Then, apply your nail polish. Have fun with this! The color combo is completely up to you.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 5For this project just remember that it’s important to layer your colors. Once you’re done splattering and layering be sure to allow a few hours dry time.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 6

What do you guys think? What color combination would your choose?

Oui Oui: The Paris Collection by Anna With Love

Oui_Madame_Annawithlove_Shop_WEB600_1024x1024Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing the latest collection from one of my favorite photographers, Anna Argiropoulos aka Anna With Love. Last week she launched her latest, The Paris Collection. The bright and dreamy images remind me of my trip to Paris a few Summers ago and now I’m dying to go back!! Her photography captures the glamour and excitement of the city. And with prints starting at $30 (for 8×12), these make the perfect addition for anyone dreaming of Paris.

Click here to see the entire collection. Lots of beautiful visual stimulation for your Monday. I just had to share! xo


Miss Kris and the Beverly Hilton


Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation TEXT TEXTSometimes we all just need to get away. We all need a moment to step away from reality to refocus. In grade school we use to call it Spring Break, but in adult school unfortunately there is no such thing. Thus the staycation was created.

 STAYCATION (stay·ca·tion) noun: a vacation spent at home or nearby

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend at the world famous Beverly Hilton soaking up the sun and get some much needed rest and relaxation. This is the first time I’ve ever stayed overnight in a hotel that was in the same city as my house. What an unique and complete refreshing experience! A basically travel free weekend jaunt that completely felt like a destination vacation. Although, packing for my staycation randomly stressed me out. As with any trip I’m always worried that I was going to leave something behind. I had to continue to remind myself that if I forgot something important I could always drive the 2.1 miles back to my house to pick it up. Needless to say that after all that… I forgot my toothbrush. Thankfully, The Beverly Hilton was prepared for that!

Upon check in I did what one does when on vacation… I completely unplugged (besides a few Instagrams, obviously), spent quality time at the pool and ordered copious amounts of room service. I completely relaxed!

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 1Arriving in Monif C. wrap dress, JustFab heels and carrying The Little Market mini trunk. Sunglasses by Sole Society

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 3

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 4

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 5

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 6

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 7Poolside in Forever 21 Plus suit, Nine West Hat, JustFab heels. Bracelets by Holst Lee

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 8

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 9

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 10

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 11

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 12Lounging (giving my best old Hollywood Faye Dunaway moment) in the most comfortable robe ever courtesy of the Beverly Hilton.

Miss Kris Beverly Hilton Los Angeles Staycation 13Hilton Worldwide is a fan of the weekend getaways too. This year they launched the Ultimate Weekender Sweepstakes and they’re offering Hilton HHonors members the chance to win a weekend trip every week throughout 2014. If you could getaway for a weekend to any place in the world where would it be? There are still 39 trips up from grabs. Are you a member? I am! Click here to sign up and to enter for your chance to win. Every week is a new destination.

Special thanks to the Beverly Hilton for a wonderful stay! If you’re making plans to visit the LA area or if you live down the street and just need to get away, call the BH and make a reservation. They’ll take good care of you. Promise!

Photos by Sylvia Gunde

Programming Note + Kate Moss for Topshop

20131213_TopShop_06-420_v6_CMYKJust a quick note to pre-apologize. You know it’s a situation when you’re sending out apologizes beforehand. Please excuse my lack of content this week as I prepare for Parents Weekend 2014. My parents arrive in LA tomorrow for their annual visit and I’m taking a little time to prepare a.k.a. clean my messy ass apartment. The parentals are here through the weekend and I have lots of fun stuff planned for us (read running all the errands I need to that involve spending actual money… detail my car, get a new cell phone, etc). Obviously, I want to spend as much time with them as I can so the post will be limited, but we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the just release lookbook of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection. One of each please. Especially this one and this one! Oh and this one and this one. xo

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Cocktails ‘N Crafts: DIY Embellished Detachable Collar

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIYLooking for a fab way to spend your weekend? Suggestion… host a cocktail ‘n crafts hour with friends!!! In my opinion, quality friend time is the perfect way to knock off a few of those lingering projects on your DIY to-do list. I’ve been wanted to embellish a detachable collar for some time now, so I was very excited when my friend Sydne (from Sydne Style) mentioned that she was wanting to create one too. Cue an afternoon of crystals, cocktails and crafts!

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 2A detachable, embellished collar is very simple to make. Use your scissors to removed the collar from an old shirt. Then, use a healthy amount of glue to apply a few Swarovski crystals to your collar. The pattern and design is completely up to your imagination.

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 3

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 4Delicious Skinnygirl Prosecco + paper black and white straws! Pure yummy deliciousness at only 100 per serving. Cheers to that!

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 6

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 7Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 8

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 9If you’d prefer, keep your shirt in one piece and apply the crystals directly to your shirt. What a fab way to revamp a shirt you already have in your closet.

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 10Thanks to Sydne for a fun afternoon of crafting and cocktailing. For more style tips check out her blog, Sydne Style.

Photos by Preston

VIDEO: DIY Hanging Shoe Organizer Garden

It’s back to business as usually on my YouTube channel. Today I’m excited to share my first video of Spring. I live in an apartment here in Los Angeles and although I’d love for my garden to look like Versaille, space is limited. If you’re also dealing with a garden space issue or just looking for a creative way to add a little color to your home, then this hanging shoe organizer garden project is for you.

Watch the the video here. I hope you enjoy! I’m excited about sparing more videos soon. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

Below are a few more pics of my garden space. Yea for Spring!!!

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube 2

Miss Kris Shoe Organizer Hanging Garden DIY YouTube 3

Mint To Be: A Celebration Of The Color Mint

Miss Kris Mint To Be - Mint Color For SpringMint… the unofficial, official color of Spring! Seriously this color just makes me feel happy and all Spring-like. Here are a few of the latest minty must haves.

No.1 Sweater by Dorothy Perkins | No.2 Necklace by J.Crew | No.3 “Fashion Playground” by Essie | No.4 Domino Magazine | No.5 Pleated Shorts by Topshop | No.6 Studded Clutch by Sole Society | No.7 Leopard Sandal by Loeffler Randall

What do you think? What color says “Springtime” to you?

DIY: Matte Black Mason Jar

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIYI know it’s Spring and we’re susposta be all about color and what not, but I’m currently having a very black and white moment. I’m obsessed bouquets full of white flowers and I think the contrast of a black vase really make the arrangement stand out. So chic! Thankfully because of an intense relationship I had last Summer with mason jars, I have a few laying around. With a coat of paint they can easily be transformed and repurposed to use this Spring. This little project is beyond simple. You can complete the look of a room or the theme of a party in just seconds with these painted jars.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY MATERIALSMaterials: Mason Jar + Matte Black Spray Paint

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY PAINTIn a well ventilated area, apply one coat of paint to the jar. Allow time to try before use.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY FULLYour color options are endless. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere posted lovely mint bottles last week. Here’s another idea… apply the chalkboard spray paint and add a personal message to your jar. This would make an absolutely fabulous gift for a special someone.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY DETAIL

Thirsty: A Very Berry Blueberry Mojito Recipe


Miss Kris Blueberry Mojito 2Blueberries + mint. I love this color combination and I have no doubt that I’m going to love this blueberry + mint mojito recipe. I’m counting down the minutes until happy hour. I look forward to kicking off the weekend with a refreshing mojito and the blueberries add the perfect twist. What do you think? Would this be something you’d try?

See the original recipe here at Sugar and Charm

Glassware available at Crate & Barrel.

Drawn: The Fashion Illustrations Of Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams Miss Kris 1

Well, well… how we wish this was the actual cover of the April issue of American Vogue. lol I kid!!

With the right frame, a fabulous fashion sketch can become a delightful work of art in your home. Say hello to one of my favorite illustrators and the artist responsible for this striking rendition of Anna Wintour, Hayden Williams. I discovered Hayden on Facebook (thank goodness for social media) and I’m completely obsessed with the work of the London based artist. His illustrations have graced the pages of Elle, Annex and many celebs fans (including Oprah). Hayden is insanely talented! He captures some of fashion and pop cultures most memorable moments through his drawings that are nothing less than strokes of genius.

Check out all of his work on his site and be sure to follow him on Instagram. Click on the “read more” tab and see if you can name all of the fashion icons and moments he’s captured…


DIY: Floral Crossbody Purse

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 1Spring has sprung and florals are all the rage. I know, I know Floras? For Spring? Groundbreaking! But this crossbody bag is truly the perfect Spring accessory. This project, inspired by the Kotur silk floral applique clutch… DIY my moi! This project is simple and chic. See all the DIY details below…

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse  2

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 3Materials: Purse, Faux Flowers, Scissors, Glue Gun

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 4Use your scissors to remove the flowers from their stem. Apply them to your purse with your hot glue gun and alow time to dry.

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 5Floral dress by H&M (vintage) similar here, here and here | Shoes by JustFab

Photos by Sylvia G.

Currently: IKEA Spring 2014

Miss Kris Currently Loving IKEA Spring 2014This past weekend, with a Starbucks vanilla latte in hand, I made a trip to my local IKEA to pick up a piece I neded for a DIY I’m hoping to share with you soon (hint: bar cart!!!!). While I was there, I figured I’d take a loop around the store and just “look”. Needless to say I ended up leaving with a big blue reusable bag full of goodies. Here are a few of my latest purchases from IKEA that I’m currently loving. Nothing of $100 and NO assembly required!

No.1 Faux Sheepskin Rug | No.2 Chandelier | No.3 Scented Candle | No.4 Alarm Clock | No.5 French Press | No.6  Espresso Cup + Saucer | No.7 Artificial Plant | No.8 Bowl | No.9 Candy Dish | No.10 Full Length Mirror

Miss Kris Approved: Best Bras

Miss Kris Approved Best BrasMiss Kris Approved Best Bra 2-2

“What bra are you wearing?” Undoubtedly the most common email I receive aside from “What kind of glue should I use?”. Shopping for bras use to be my worst nightmare. No matter your size, finding a good bra and the right fit can be a challenge, but especially if you’re a girl built like me! I’ve always been a busty girl. I’m pretty sure I was born with a full B cup. I got my first bra in the 5th grade and I’ve been on the hunt for the best bra ever since then. The struggle is real!!!!!

I was not surprised when after posting my DIY feather peplum belt (here) my inbox was flooded with questions about the type of strapless bra I was wearing. I get it! I personally cannot walk into a Victoria’s Secret or into a Target and just pick up any ole bra off the shelf. A “plus-size” bra won’t work for me either. I’m a girl who needs a large cup size, but smaller brand. My Senior year of High School I was wearing a 30 DD… almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. My Mom and I use to joke that if Dolly Parton would open up a bra store, I’d be her favorite customers.

Needless to say I’m more than happy to share with you my current 4 favorites. I own all 4 of these bras. I purchased them with my own money (non of that blogger gifting and what not) and I recommend them. These bras are Miss Kris approved for girls like me whose cup runneth over. These bras work for me and hopefully this post will be helpful in pointing you in the direction of finding your bra bliss!

{MOST STYLISH} The A La Folie Plunge Bra by PrimaDonna Twist - If one more sales associate brought me a bra that looked like it should be hanging on the back of my Grandma’s bathroom door I WAS GOING TO SCREAM! Yes I need a large, supportive bra but I’m a fashionable 30 year old so Granny’s bra ain’t gonna cut it! My entire life changed when I made a visit to a lingerie store called Intimacy and discovered a line of bras called PrimaDonna. First, let me take a second to talk about Intimacy. This store changed my life!! Their sales associates are BEYOND knowledgeable. This was the first time in my life I’d had a proper bra fitting. If there’s a store near you, it’s worth a trip! They’re associates listened to my needs, totally understood my “NO MEMAW BRA” policy and fit my in the chicest bra of my life. Hands down this is my go to bra for when I need to feel like a grown woman! It’s a little pricey, but worth every cent.

{BEST STRAPLESS} The ’4530′ Strapless Underwire Bra by Fantasie – A good strapless bra (like a man) can be hard to find! I’ve tried so many that just haven’t worked for me, but this strapless by Fantasie is a lifesaver. The cup on this bra is full coverage. When I wear it I really feel comfortable and most importantly, secure!  Which is a good thing because I wear this strapless under my sports bras for extra support while working out. This bra also comes with straps and it’s my go to for one shoulder and halter dresses!

{BEST BARGAIN} The ’4520′ Smoothing Underwire Balconette Bra by Fantasie – Now full disclosure, I spend a lot of money on bras every year. I find that most of the supportive bras that are of good quality are European and honey they want you to spend your money on them! If dropping $120+ on a bra just isn’t in your budget, then this is the bra for you. At $50, in my opinion, it’s the best full coverage bra for busty girls on the market. It’s a great price and it’s the best multi use bra. It looks great under most garments, including t-shirts. Fantasie is a European company so you know they know how to make a good bra.

{MOST COMFORTABLE} The Kaela Demi Bra by Empreinte – Heaven! This bra is heaven! Don’t get me wrong all the bras on this list are comfortable, but this one is like having your bosom resting on a pile of clouds. lol We’re in our bras for HOURS a day so having one that won’t dig into your shoulders or pinch you on the sides is key. I could move in and live in this bra. It’s the most expensive on my list, but I find it hard to put a price tag on comfort.

Photo by Sylvia G

Spotted: DIY Leopard Print Keds Slip-Ons

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin OnsAs we transition from sweater weather to slip-on season, I thought now would be the perfect time to customize a pair of plain white sneakers. A pair of basic shoes is like a blank canvas. Use your imagination to create your very own personalized pair of Spring slip-ons. Obviously, I needed a leopard print pair…

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons  DETAIL

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons MATERIALSMaterials: Canvas Keds (available at JCPenney) + markers, one gold (here) and one black (here)

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons GOLDUse the gold marker to create dots on your canvas slip on

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons BLACKUse the black fabric marker to outline the dots. In order to achieve the leopard print, be sure not to connect the the outline.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons FULLFill in your spots as needed.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons JUMP

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons TIERAD t-shirt by Express | Flannel by Ralph Lauren | Shorts by Torrid* | Shoes by Keds

*The shorts actually use to be a pair of jeans. I cut off the legs to make them shorts and used a sheet of sand paper to distress them.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons SMILESPhotos by Sylvia G

The Butterfly Effect: DIY Butterfly Push Pins

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office DecorA few months I came across an instapic that totally inspired! See it here. I knew that come Spring, I would be giving the inspiration board in my office a makeover with these lovely DIY butterfly push pins. Now technically Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20th, but let’s be honest it was 90 degrees in LA this weekend so obviously Spring is sooooooo here, it’s Summer!!

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor BUTTERFLIES

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor  PINSTo make these oh so pretty push pins add a healthy amount of glue to the top a push pin, then attach the butterflies and allow a little time to dry. I purchased these fake butterfly ties at Michael’s Craft Store but they’re available online here and here.

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor DETAILS 1

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor DETAIL 2

The Life + Times: Making Memories At The Montage Beverly Hills

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 1“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.” -unknown

They say things like, “be careful of the company you keep” and “only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher”.  As I get older I realize more and more the importance of this. I’m very thankful for my supportive work family. Creative, hardworking and fashionable entrepreneurs. They’ve supported me completely through my entire Miss Kris transformation. They listened to me stress, gave advice as needed and cheered me on along the way. I’m very thankful for the company I keep. We’re all so busy and often only see each other briefly as we pass through events, so this rare gathering of my blogger buddies (where the only thing on our agenda was to eat, drink and be merry) was definitely the highlight of my week.

Lots of laugh, lots of smiles and lots of fabulous memories. Thank you Montage Beverly Hills for hosting our glamorous evening at Parq Bar.

Happy Friday, y’all and cheers to a wonderful weekend!

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 2

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 3

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 4

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 5

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 6

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 7

Miss Kris Montage Beverly Hills 8Ashley from The Style Editrix | Grasie from Style Me Grasie | Amelia from Clotheshorse NYC | Reah from Styled By Reah | Laurie from Laurie B Style | Marie from The Curvy Fashionista | Rachael from Everything Hauler | Salvador… THE stylist | Jamie from Queen Of The Quarter Life Crisis | Jenny from Good, Bad and Fab

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of… Fresh Flowers

Miss Kris Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 1According to my Instagram, Spring has sprung! This weekend my feed was full of gorgeous pics of fresh flowers. Tulips, roses, daisies… I love the way flowers bring life into my apartment. On Saturday mornings I like to head down to the LA Flower Market and stock up on fresh flowers. Although fresh can sometimes mean costly. So what’s a girl to do when her my bank account is looking well, how do I phrase this… skinny, hungry, BROKE (read: taxes, car registration and a multitude of other adult like bills no one warned you about #GrownUpProblems)…

Here’s a tip for getting more bang for your floral buck: Deconstruct a grocery store bouquet (this one cost me $4) and put your flowers in smaller vases/ jars to give the illusion of more, even though you’re working with less. Also pick green filler (leaves and such) from your (or your neighbors hehe) yard to add fullness to your arrangements.

Miss Kris Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 2

Miss Kris Floral Fresh Flowers Luxury Tip 3

On The Hunt: Shop My Hunters Alley Boutique

Miss Kris Hunters AlleyOne of my favorite online stores for home decor shopping and inspiration is One Kings Lane. Imagine my excitement when they announced the launch of their online marketplace sister site, Hunters Alley. Hunters Alley is described as marketplace created just for design lovers. It connects shoppers and sellers and makes it fun to track down those vintage or one of a kind pieces. Some of our favorites like Oh Joy! have even opened up shops. I love looking at the fantastic decor pieces but I’m even more excited by the ample amount of vintage jewelry for sale on the site. I thought Hunters Alley would be the perfect place to sale a few pieces from my personal collection.

I think most of you now by now I have a thing for vintage costume jewelery. I spend hours at yard sales, flea markets and estate sales looking for gems. Years ago my plan was to open a jewelry store where all I sold was one of a kind, vintage piece. That was the plan anyway… I soon realized that parting with the pieces I purchased to resale became a bit of an issue with me so instead I kept every piece and worked it into my personal accessories rotation. #womp But today is a new day and Hunters Alley has me really excited to share my collection. Over the weekend I posted a few of my favorites to the site and I invite you all to shop {here}. I only have a few pieces up now but hopefully I’ll post more after I finish editing my jewelry box.

Shop my boutique here and shop the rest of Hunters Ally here.

**Keep your eyes open because you just might spot a few pieces you’ve seen on Miss Kris before**

Happy Mardi Gras: Let The Good Times Roll

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 1 True I was born and raised in Houston, Texas but my family is Creole with deep roots in Louisiana (extra points if you’ve ever heard of/ driven through Crowley, Louisiana!!!). Growing up Creole meant family gatherings centered around a big pot of gumbo, hot sauce and Tony Chachere’s were staples in my Mom’s pantry, a crawfish boil was a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate HS graduation, on Christmas Eve you leave Santa a shrimp po’ boy and pralines for dessert and on the Tuesday before Lent you celebrate FAT TUESDAY!!!!

Traditionally speaking Fat Tuesday is the last day of partying and debauchery before the fasting and penitence season of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. I lived in New Orleans for 4 years while I attended college so trust me I definitely have first hand knowledge of the authentic Mardi Gras experience. Carnival season is one of the many, many, many things I miss about New Orleans. I always get a little homesick at this time of the year.

In honor of Mardi Gras, I grabbed my Creole sister from another mister Taye (from Stuff She Likes) and headed over to one of my favorite creole eateries in LA, The Gumbo Pot at the Original Farmers Market. Nothing cures a case of the “missing Mardi Gras blues” like a bowl of gumbo!

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 2

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 3

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 4

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 5Sweater from H&M | NOLA shirt from Fleurty Girl |  Necklace from Lulu Frost | Jeans from AG Jeans | Tote from JustFab

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 6Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 7 2

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 8

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 9on the menu: shrimp po’ boy, gumbo, read beans and rice, cornbread, greens, fried okra, beignets

Miss Kris Mardi Gras The Farmers Market Los Angeles 10If you’re in the LA area and looking for a festive way to celebrate Fat Tuesday, stop by the Original Farmers Market for their 25th annual Mardi Gras celebration. From 6:30-9:30pm they’ll be letting the good times roll with good food and good music. Click here for all the event details.

Photos by Sylvia G.

Hold Fast To Dreams… The Oscars 2014 Edition

Lupita Nyongo Oscar Quote Miss KrisJust a few notes on last night’s magical Oscars… Last night’s Oscars red carpet was dazzling. As expected Lupita N’yongo did not disappoint in a baby blue Prada gown. The internet is comparing her and her Oscar gown to that of Cinderella which is very fitting! What a way to cap off a very Cinderella like journey. The newcomer took home an Oscar for her 1st role in a major motion picture and while doing so left us with a nugget of truth about believing in ourselves and believing in the validity of our dreams. Just the beautiful inspiration we need to jump start a new week.

Surprisingly last nights show was full of inspirational moments. I loved Matthew McConaughey’s profound speech encouraging us all to just keep chasing and keep living… alight, alright, alright (watch here) and I loved Cate Blanchett’s golden moment reminding everyone that women do indeed run the world (watch here). At times a few of the speeches were a little Joel Osteen-ish, but isn’t that just what we needed to walk away inspired and uplifted?!?

I have no regrets that I devoted 3.5 hours to last nights viewing (plus the 100 of red carpet coverage before hand). A solid show full of hilarious moments from host Elle DeGeneres. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: the ordering of the pizza, the taking of the selfie, Pink singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow in a show stopping Elie Saab gown, Ellen and her Glenda the Good Witch costume and Bette Midler bring us to tears while singing her song from Beaches. What did you think of last nights Oscars?

And The Winner Is… Oscars Red Carpet Twitter Kiki

Miss Kris Forevermark Diamonds Oscars 1After a week of torrential rain (much needed in drought stricken California) and fabulous pre-Oscars events (pictured here with Kelly Golightly skating on some not-so-thin ice at the Forevermark Diamonds suite), the big day is finally here! The main event… the Superbowl of fashion.. the 86th annual Academy Awards (hosted by Ellen DeGeneres)!

I’m so excited about tonight’s red carpet. Obviously all eyes will be on Lupita Nyong’o. I can’t wait to see what she wears. I’m also excited to see how Kerry Washington (she’s presenting) will dress her baby bump, how Pharrell dresses his head (I mean that hat he wore at the Grammys was all we talked about) and of course allllll the bling. Will you be watching? Let’s have a red carpet kiki! Join me on twitter (@MissKrisTurner) during the red carpet and let’s party. I had such a blast chatting with y’all during the Grammys and I can’t wait to see what you think of tonight’s Oscars. See you there. I’ll bring the popcorn, you bring the champagne!

Miss Kris Forevermark Diamonds Oscars 213+ karat diamond ring!!!!! Liz Taylor would be proud.

Miss Kris Forevermark Diamonds Oscars 3

Miss Kris Forevermark Diamonds Oscars 4

Miss Kris Forevermark Diamonds Oscars 5

For Your Consideration: Vintage Movie Posters

1254368648We’re days away from Hollywood’s Superbowl, Oscar Sunday! I love living in LA at this time of year. There’s a magic in the air. There’s something so very classic and timeless about the Oscars. I mean after all this is the 86th Academy Awards show!!!! This event is fully of history and glamour. In honor of the upcoming awards, a look at a few vintage movie posters featuring some of our favorite (and legendary) leading ladies. I love the artwork of a vintage movie poster… a true throwback to the times of big studios. Plus, framed these posters make a fantastic home decor pieces.

What’s your favorite “old Hollywood” movie? I could watch How To Marry A Millionaire over and over again.

vintage movie posters miss kris oscars


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